Hotel Industry Update
The BC Hotel Association has recently partnered with FortisBC and GreenStep to offer two complementary sustainability programs aimed at helping hotels make steps toward improving efficiency and reducing their carbon footprint, while decreasing operating costs to assist with economic recovery from COVID-19.  Our continued commitment to Green Key remains intact and strong, as there is a significant opportunity to build value for our industry in the sustainability platform and our goal is to provide innovation, cost savings, education and collaboration to support recovery and sustainability.
FortisBC program includes dedicated Energy Analyst, Dylan Tomlin to identify energy conservation opportunities and cost-cutting projects. You can reach out to Dylan here.

J Join the BCHA’s Ingrid Jarrett along with Phil Gertsman and Robert Blouin, hotel assessment experts with Canada’s leading real estate services firm, Altus Group, as they address British Columbia’s hoteliers’ concerns about property taxes and property tax assessment. Altus Group will discuss issues surrounding hotel and motel property tax assessments as well as the levels of taxation levied by the Provincial and municipal governme nts. Our goal is to provide you specific information to ensure you are provided the support to address property tax reduction in your municipalities.

Rethink2gether will be hosting a free 45 minute webinar, Hotel and restaurants: turn food waste costs into profits! Join the  Rethink2gether  team as we discuss the new opportunities for hotels and restaurants.

Two things we know for sure:
- In Canada: 58% of food produced is wasted and food waste is a  $49 billion opportunity .
- In BC: the cost of wasted food in an average restaurant is worth  more than profits !

You’ll learn how to slash costs & keep your cash, how to save food with local examples, how to expand your brand image, and how to get access to free tools
The Hotel Association of Canada, together with other key members of the travel, tourism and hospitality sector have come together to form the Canadian Travel & Tourism Round Table. Our goal is to break down travel barriers domestically, and eventually internationally, to expedite recovery for the sector.
Today this group published an important open letter calling on the Prime Minister and the Premiers to consider a measured, safe approach to reopening Canada that would allow the tourism and hospitality industry to save the summer.
Over the days and weeks ahead, you will be seeing the execution of a full public relations campaign to support this movement including media coverage, op eds, social media, letter writing, and a direct engagement campaign with relevant Ministers and Premiers.
The open letter was published today in The Globe, The National Post and La Presse. To view a copy, click here.
ABLE BC: New PHO Order: 50% capacity removed and all liquor primaries permitted to open
Today, the Provincial Health Officer released a new public order , removing the 50% capacity limit for premises, including licensed premises, in which food or drink is served.

Those establishments that can meet the requirements of the order are permitted to open, regardless of license type. This means liquor primaries are permitted to open, regardless if they serve food or not, so long as you can meet the requirements of the order.
BCHA continues to offer new courses and webinars from our education partners, offering BCHA members and hospitality professionals access and discounts for continued growth within the hospitality industry.
The following courses will be taking place soon:

Royal Roads
Kennedy Training Network  

Douglas College

Okanagan College
C li ck here to sign up for any of the upcoming courses or webinars or learn more about all the education BCHA has to offer.
BC Event Management has partnered with the Harbour Convention Centre to host “Reconnect 2020” . The goal of Reconnect 2020 is to showcase a new way to connect. F rom meetings to events to tourism, we all need to connect.

Proceeds from the Reconnect 2020 hybrid event will go to the BC Hospitality Foundation to support our hospitality family. Thanks to our sponsors no management/admin fees, venue rentals costs or AV rental costs will be incurred. The fundraiser will be a model for safe and healthy events for the hospitality, tourism, meeting and event industry. Read more about Reconnect 2020.

BCHF is requesting any prizes or donation s from anyone who is able to provide at this time. If you can donate auction items or make a cash donation, please register your donation here .