Issue #29 | Fall 2020
BATalk - is an electronic newsletter sharing important certification program information with Washington's Backflow Assembly Testers (BAT).
Extension of BAT Professional Growth Period
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Due to the limitations of practical examinations the COVID19 pandemic has caused, Washington State Department of Health has officially made the decision to extend the 3-year professional growth period for all certified Backflow Assembly Testers by one year.

BATs with professional growth periods ending 12/31/21: Your professional growth period now ends 12/31/22. Your next cycle will start 1/1/23 and end 12/31/25.

BATs with professional growth periods ending 12/31/24: Your professional growth period now ends 12/31/25. Your next cycle will start 1/1/26 and end 12/31/28.

BATs having already met the BAT professional growth requirement will also begin their next professional growth reporting period 1 year later, as stated above.

Washington Certification Services has not yet been authorized to resume professional growth examinations after the COVID19 shut down. Although we don’t yet have a predication on when these exams will resume, we are confident that the year extension will make up for this lost time.

Please note WCS has resumed certification practical exams (to become a new BAT) at our Auburn, WA location. Please encourage those that may be interested in joining the field to look into getting certified!

BAT Renewals now open!
Renewal payments are now being accepted through the online system via credit or debit card. Renewal notices were emailed November 1st, however you do not need a notice to pay your fee.
"Hire-a-BAT" List Updates
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Only certified BATs having authorized disclosure of information are on the list. WCS will not add or change a listing without consent. You’ll need to submit an authorization form to make a change if you are already on or wish to be added to this list. To review your listing on our website, use this link: Hire a BAT ListPlease let us know when you choose to be removed from the list.

Adding your email address to the list or getting added to this list is easy! Simply complete and submit a “Hire-a-BAT” Authorization Form. Provide WCS with your contact information (name, phone number, email address – choose business or personal) to provide service within one county (your choice). Provide one phone number and one email address only.

WCS staff hope the email address addition to the “Hire-a-BAT” list will be advantageous for your business. Please allow up to 10 days for your submittal to process. We thank you for your service within Washington’s communities and we wish you success!

Hire-a-BAT List of Washington counties and the number of certified BATs offering services as of October 2020.  
Reviewing this list may help identify a county you wish to serve. Consider providing service in an underserved area if you have the ability to do so.
1221 D Street N. E. Auburn, WA 98002
Phone: 253-288-3357