How Hawaii GOP Leaders Regularly Misuse and Squander Your Fraudulently-Raised Donations, Part 1

Aloha Republicans:

There's been a LOT of talk about political dirty tricks during the presidential campaign over on the mainland  Charges, counter-charges, claims of fraud, rumors, and stolen elections.  Most of that talk is just politics as usual from those on the losing end.
But right here in Hawaii, the smoke has cleared and an abundance of bona fide dirty tricks are being used to deliberately SCAM Republicans in the 50th State into handing over money to corrupt party officers who commit fraud on a daily basis.
In fact, Abe Lincoln would roll over in his grave at the deliberate defrauding, baiting and switching, and related corruption being committed in his name  with the annual Lincoln Dinner event alone.

Ticket buyers and party donors BEWARE:  You've been repeatedly promised that your contributions will 'help Republican candidates'But it's all a big lie.  Fritz Rohlfing, Miriam Hellreich, Barbara Marumoto, Pat Saiki and the rest are knowingly grabbing your cash and making promises they never keep, year after year after year.
Let's start with the most recent promises and work our way back.
In a desperate gambit to sell tickets to next week's Lincoln Dinner, party officers made the bogus promise on January 22nd that Republican candidates would be supported through purchase of tickets.  This outright lie is an annual tradition.  It has been many years since the Hawaii GOP provided financial assistance to Republican candidates in the islands.  In fact, the real situation is the exact opposite.  GOP candidates must pay to play . . . and to help keep the lights on at party headquarters.
For starters, the Hawaii GOP actually charges its candidates to attend the Lincoln Dinner.  If candidates want to "be seen" by others at Lincoln Day, these brave candidates are told outright they need to buy tickets; preferably ponying up to $2,500 for a table.  How does taking money from a candidate's campaign help them to winIt simply doesn't.  $2,500 could have helped to pay for a mailing to voters in their district.  $250 could have paid for printing of campaign door hangers.  But the party leaders want to take that money from candidates for their pricey overhead of mortgage, maintenance fees, et cetera for their overly pricey headquarters and overcompensated and useless deadweight staffers.  That's why party telemarketers shamelessly pressure GOP candidates to donate campaign funds and personal funds to the party. Just another name on the list of suckers.

And it gets worse from there.  As everyone knows, the party of Hellreich, Rohlfing, Saiki and Marumoto doesn't do anything to make it easier for a Republican to get elected in Hawaii.  On the contrary, the abject worthlessness of party leaders has caused a sustained decline in the number of elected Republicans and the number of willing candidates to even run in the GOP label.  2016 is no different.  In fact, it's gonna be worse.  Do you see any TV commercialsNope.  Do you hear any radio adsNope.  Do you see full page newspaper adsNope.  Do your neighbors receive mailers explaining why they should vote Republican?  NopeTotal surrender.
Here's something to think about when Republican candidates ask for your money for their campaigns.  You want to help them, right?  But where is that money REALLY going?
Cash-strapped campaigns GOP candidates and incumbents have been squeezed for cash to keep the corrupt state party afloat all throughout the year.  While candidates are asking you for money for their campaigns, these candidates end up giving that money to the defunct party instead.

For example,
Bob McDermott took $1,800 in donations from his campaign bank account and re-gifted that money to the Hawaii GOP to keep it afloat.  In the same way, Lauren Cheape re-gifted donations from her campaign to the party using $900 from people who originally thought they were helping her .  Both Gene Ward and Beth Fukumoto each re-gifted more than $2,500 from their campaign coffers.  Andria Tupola recently re-gifted $400.  So, again, how does taking money from a candidate's campaign help them to win?   It simply doesn't .
That's more than $8,000 diverted from re-election campaigns to keeping the lights on at a party HQ where nothing is being done to help GOP candidates get elected.   The equivalent of purchasing fifty-four $150 tickets to Lincoln Dinner is being diverted from a small sampling of cash-strapped Republican candidates to the corrupt and wasteful state party organization to spend on electricity and reserved parking stalls.  No wonder Republicans remain in the minority.

BOTTOM LINE:  The money you think ( and are actually told by party leaders) will help GOP candidates to get elected in Hawaii is all going down the toilet of overpriced HQ overhead and extremely poor financial managementPolitical insignificance and electoral irrelevance should be the themes of this year's Lincoln Dinner.
Look for Part Two of this series tomorrow.  The outright lies told by party leaders and the fraud being committed by these hucksters becomes even more elaborate.  The sad irony is that next week's Lincoln Dinner is actually going to honor the state party's top fraudster and enforcer of RINO policies at the Hawaii GOP:  Miriam Hellreich.


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