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July 7th-13th, 2024

Dear Congregants,

With this newsletter, I will be taking a break from writing for a few weeks.

I cannot express how much I have appreciated all the encouraging comments and kind words for the ideas and thoughts I have tried to present week after week. Please know that your support has encouraged me to continue to write and I am touched that so many take the time to read my words each week.

The newsletter will go to once a week during this time but additional messages will be sent to you as necessary.

Online or in person, a huge thanks for being a part of our community!

Shalom V'ahava,

Rabbi Victor Urecki 

Daily and Shabbat Services

Evening Services


Monday thru Thursday 5:45 PM

Evening Services


Morning Services


Wednesday Morning 7:30 AM

(Followed by breakfast)

Morning Minyan

Shabbat Schedule

July 12th, 2024/ 7th Tammuz, 5784

Candle lighting Time: 8:32 PM

Parshat Chukat

Numbers 19:1-22:1

Friday Night

5:45 PM

Friday Night Service

Saturday Morning

10:00 AM

Kiddush Luncheon Follows

Saturday Morning

Wondering Jews

The One Stop For All Things Jewish in West Virginia

Wondering Jews, Inc. is a nonprofit organization with the goal of connecting people who are physically or geographically challenged with the wide variety of educational, service, and faith activities in the local West Virginia Jewish congregations.

Moe and Janie Rubenstein have created a unique website which will allow all congregations and Jewish organizations who wish to announce activities and programs of interest for Jews throughout West Virginia. We have seen at B'nai Jacob how Zoom has opened the door to those who are challenged to allow people in isolation to join and be a part of our B'nai Jacob family.

The website is now live and will offer us and Jews around our state an opportunity to further connect and be together. You can even sign up for the American Jewish Committee program on that platform as well.

Check out Wondering Jews in the months to come and in the words of the Machzor (High Holiday Prayerbook), may we all be bound together, connected to each other.

Check out Wondering Jews here

Don’t miss ExploringJudaism.org, the digital home for Conservative Judaism. This site features a wide range of topics and creators including weekly Torah content (with study guides) thanks to our partners at the Fuchsberg Jerusalem Center & Conservative Yeshiva.

B'nai Jacob Synagogue

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