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May 21, 2024

In less than a month, Lynn and I will be flying to Detroit for the big, magical unveiling of the newest TOL, the B 990, plus whatever additional new machines BERNINA will be presenting at BU. Those of the crew not personally attending will be watching via our communications and social media: we are all very anxious to see what BERNINA has created for us! We start with the opening session at 10 am, and continue until 5 pm, and from 6-8 pm there is a Welcome Reception in the Merchant Market. It will be at this Opening Session that BERNINA will introduce all the new machines and other new things for us, and everyone is attending this huge meeting. It will last until at least noon, when we have a lunch break, followed by classes beginning at 1:30, continuing through until 5. The remainder of the days begin about 7 and continue until 5, and then we hit the Merchant Mart until 7 pm. Days are very busy, chocked full of training, lectures from BERNINA people as well as outside lecturers, and events.  

Last year we were introduced to Yaya Han, whose input was instrumental on the b79 Yaya Han Special Edition. She is a big player in the Cos Play costuming world, and she led us through her thought processes of what things would be most valuable to someone active in this world, or simply looking for a great machine which incorporates numerous BERNINA technologies into a lesser priced bernette machine. She was on point, and the machine, now limited in production as are all Special Edition machines, was a great machine both in price point and function for many of our customers. Don’t know who we’ll be meeting this year, but when the Kaffe Fasset machines were introduced, Kaffe was right with us throughout all of BU, lecturing, mingling, sharing. I suspect that the Swiss, all involved with the B990, will be there, as well as the family members/sole owners of BERNINA. It’s nice to know that the company is still family owned, and that even the newest generations are totally involved in the company. As we attend our daily classes and such, we often see various family members join in on our classes, asking questions, giving answers, being involved with the product. Those who work with and for BERNINA are totally involved in so many ways; they are not “figure-head owners” at all, which I respect!!!

The Merchant Market I mentioned above is always fun! Many, many of our vendors are all set up for us, showing the new designs like at OESD (embroidery), new patterns like Lunch Box Quilts and more, thread companies to show us what they have both new and older, notions companies, things like that. It’s a good way to wind down a bit after a busy, productive day. We have mid-morning and mid-afternoon breaks each day, with pastries, brownies and other snacks set up buffet style so we can keep our blood sugars up and coursing and keeping us energized! Lemon bars at most of the meeting hotels have been to-die-for great. Just sayin’! Foods available tend to lean to the region: Dallas had Texas things and BBQ, for example, but I can’t remember any of the others! Have no clue what Detroit might specialize in, so I’ll let you know.  

That gives you a brief look into what we experience at BU, and by the end of the conference, the powers that be will be asking us to place our BERNINA orders for both the new and standard products. So we usually have some rather long conversations in the room at night, going over what both Lynn and I took away from each of our classes. Some we will attend together, some are entirely different and geared toward different topics. We have already been confirmed for the 4 days of classes that we both have, and between us both, we have not missed much!  Lynn will be doing all of the hands-on classes, and that means hands-on with the B990, and whatever else new that they have for us. We also have tech. classes that are beneficial for us both to attend, and so we can help you better if you have a question or an issue.  Needless to say, we’re pretty tired, yet usually invigorated, when we return. And on the final evening, at the banquet, we find out which city will host our next BU, and the dates. Just thought you might be curious about what happens at BU: It’s not at all “party-time” as many other conventions are, we usually don’t even leave the convention site till it’s over, and hopefully we come back with lots to show and share with you. Like at the next SEW SMART in July!!!

However, before that BU big event, please don’t forget SVQ’s BIG ANNUAL EVENT, always held early June, always at the shop, always fun for everyone (I think!), always good cake and company! That date is JUNE 8!!! Please join me for my 14th year in business as owner of Sun Valley Quilts. My sewing knowledge has grown exponentially, my “try it and see how it works out” ideas abound, my delegation of duties are always there (just ask the crew!), my love of chatter with the customers knows no end, and I most always look forward to coming in to work (although 6 days/week is becoming a bit much!). Life is good…..very good. Thanks to all of you !!! I learned a long time ago that no man is an island, unto himself. We all need others in our life, for so many things like laughter, sharing, caring, and SVQ has been a great place to do just that. I’ve also met a bunch of great huggers, and I’m a hugger too, so that’s very satisfying. Expect a few hugs on June 8, too!!!  

We will be closed Memorial Day (Monday, May 27). But we will still have a fabric special of the week, both in shop and online, when you give us the code. The special category is Food and Drinks, at 20% off and the code is FOOD20. This would include party-type fabrics featuring food, coffee and wine fabrics, camping gnomes who have food or drinks, just use your imagination. I also want to let you know that I have re-ordered both of the National Park panels, and they have coordinates, so if you want one, buy it now and we’ll cut it and put it in the cabinet for you to get at your convenience, but you will for sure get what you want. If you just tell us you’re interested, these panels may be gone again before you get one! This is also the 100th Anniversary of Route 66, and we have or are awaiting, fabrics commemorating this famous travel route, and all the road signs, places to see and eat, license plates and more that were popular then. We have no idea if any of these will be reprinted if sold out,,…so don’t take a chance and get yours now!!!

Hope your week is healthy and bright, full of adventure and sunshine. Hope to see you soon!

Barbara and the traveling tootsies at SVQ 

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