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Shinn Consulting Achievement Awards Recognizing Home Builder Excellence

Shinn Consulting is pleased to offer home builders an opportunity to participate in an award program honoring companies for their excellence in the following areas:

  • Management practices and superior results
  • Trade partner and vendor relationships
  • Employee management and company culture
  • Customer satisfaction

The Shinn Consulting Achievement Awards recognize company performance in connection with the high standards required to maintain an organization dedicated to continuous improvement and excellence.

Top home builders use the valuable feedback gathered in the surveys to improve performance, strengthen relationships and gain a competitive advantage in tight labor markets.

Application deadline is January 31, 2024

Lee Evans Award logo

The Lee Evans Award

The prestigious Lee Evans Award for Management Excellence is given annually to one builder that displays exceptionally sound management practices and reflects the high standards that we encourage builders to strive to reach.

This award was created to honor Lee S. Evans, recognizing builders who have made significant progress in improving their processes to streamline their organizations and achieve superior profits while delivering a high-quality product to the customer.

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Builder of Choice Award logo 2024

Builder of Choice Award

The Builder of Choice Award recognizes builders that have demonstrated excellence in their management and relationships with trade contractors and vendors.

"Builders must establish superior relationships with their trade partners in order to deliver the highest quality homes and service that home buyers now demand," Shinn Consulting founder Charles C. Shinn Jr., Ph.D. said. "This award recognizes those builders that can meet that challenge." 

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Employer of Choice Award logo 2024

Employer of Choice Award

The Employer of Choice Award showcases home builders that have established the processes and company culture that attract the best and brightest talent.

Our industry faces an acute skilled labor shortage. Builders that can find and retain the best talent will have a significant competitive advantage in the market.

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Customer Satisfaction Award logo 2024

Customer Satisfaction Award

The Customer Satisfaction Award provides customer-centric home builders with third-party customer satisfaction validation from a credible source.

Unlike other customer satisfaction recognition programs, this is an independent and cost-effective customer satisfaction measurement available to all builders in all markets and at all sizes, giving home buyers a true measure of a company's commitment to quality.

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