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Avoidance of Misery
Near the end of our pet's life, we often use pain as the yardstick to measure when to consider euthanasia.
Perhaps we need to rethink this unit of measure...

When I talk to pet parents before the loss of their pet, they frequently mention that they are waiting to move forward with euthanasia because their pet "isn't in any pain." Since our pets cannot verbally express themselves, pain is often defined by the family as when the pet is whining or crying.

So many pets do not express pain vocally, instead they hide or reject our efforts to cuddle and comfort them. Pet parents who are waiting for whining and crying as the "sign" that their pets are in pain, may want to think of misery or suffering as the barometer that leads us to make a decision to move forward with euthanasia .

Think of when you yourself were miserable with an illness, and while you may not have experienced "pain", the misery was awful. Were you restless and inconsolable?
When you have consulted with your trusted veterinary professional, and you have a reasonable expectation that there is no treatment that can turn your pet's health around, define the condition you are evaluating and trying to prevent for your beloved pet as "misery".

When that time comes, saying goodbye to your beloved pet releases them from misery, giving them the most loving and compassionate gift of love.
FREE Pet First Aid Class
Chartiers Custom Pet Cremation is again planning to offer a FREE
Pet First Aid Class on
´╗┐Saturday, April 27th from 12-2pm

This 2 Hour Introductory Class is great for pet parents who want a basic knowledge of what to do for the most common emergency situations. Space is still available for this class, so please call Deb to register at 412/220-7800.
Tear Drop
This beautiful and elegant tear drop urn will memorialize your companion in a unique and stunning symbol of love and heartfelt loss.

Shown here in a bronze tone finish, this remarkable urn is also available in brushed brass, bright silver, and brushed pewter, and measures approximately 10 inches high with a secure bottom closure.

This unique urn may be the perfect resting place for your precious pet.
If you have any questions or would like to purchase this urn,
please call Deb at 412/220-7800.
To see more urns and keepsakes, please visit https://ccpc.ws/urns/