Summer Programs for Masters and Youth

St John's, Oct 20th - Avalon Nordic Ski Club received a $5000 RBC Learn to Play Project grant to provide skis for children in the Avalon Nordic track attack program, coach development and a ski clinic for the community. Avalon Nordic is one of 211 organizations from across the country to receive a 2016 RBC Learn to Play Project grant.
"At this stage of development, children are outgrowing their current equipment and need to have access to both classic and skate skis." Said Jeffrey Cameron, Head Coach of Avalon Nordic. "Classic and Skate skis are different in both length and stiffness, therefore, having access to both sets allows the skier to effectively learn both techniques. This, however, can be costly for most families and it has proven to be the main reason for decreased enrollment into our track attack program."
"It's not just kids in this year's program that will benefit for this" said Avalon Nordics President Colin Taylor "this equipment will last and be used for many years to come"
The Track Attack program starting in early September and is for children between the age of 9 and 12. Dryland activities include trail running, intro to ski walking and roller skiing. Children also have the option of just joining for the on snow portion of the program that starts in January where they will learn both skate and classic ski technique.  
The RBC Learn to Play project is a multi-faced and sector partnership approach dedicated to teaching kids the basic skills they need to participate in sport and recreation programs. The project is funded by RBC and the Public Health Agency of Canada and delivered by ParticipACTION. In 2016, RBC provided $2.6 million to 211 organizations across Canada.
For more information please contact: ANSC President, Colin Taylor - or ANSC Head Coach, Jeffrey Cameron -