Document operations need to automate as many parts of the production workflow as possible, while maximizing their investments in existing equipment. iDataSort from DDS handles an often neglected portion of the workflow.
Automation of a Different Sort
Document Data Solutions is excited to announce a new intelligent device that automates an often ignored portion of production workflows. Customers can separate output material automatically by attaching the iDataSort Autonomous Intelligent Shingling Stacker to any piece of print production or mailing equipment. Print production operations may use iDataSort to prepare material for packaging, fill mail trays, or handle any number of unique finishing and distribution requirements.
As with many of DDS's innovative products, the new stacker adds needed functionality and automation to existing equipment, extending the life of installed machinery. iDataSort allows print service providers to batch multiple jobs for efficient print and finishing operations, while eliminating the time-consuming and error-prone task of manually separating finished materials for distribution.

iData Sort photo

Dual Separation
The secret to iDataSort's flexibility is its capacity to separate groups of material by either of two methods. Unlike other stackers, iDataSort side-offsets the material on a moving belt. The unit shifts right and left according to the application's demands. Additionally, the stacker can increase or decrease the speed of the belt to create physical gaps in the material stream. As operators remove material from the stacker, they can confidently collect the precise quantity desired. 

Customers may wish to use both methods to mark different units of separation in a single job. Side-offset could separate decks of playing cards, for example, and speed control could indicate when to start loading card boxes into a new shipping carton destined for a different address.

Side Offset Sort
Gap Sort

Both gap and side offset sort

The newest addition to the DDS product line can communicate with existing production equipment or run independently. In connected mode,  i DataSort separates output based on barcodes or signals generated from units such as feeders or cutters. 
i DataSort can even control upstream feeders itself; enabling companies with older, unintelligent equipment to create automated batching systems.
Operators can also control the stacker from a simple interface. The PC app accepts operator entries describing counts and speed adjustments. Once stored in the stacker's non-volatile memory, operators can unplug and remove the PC.  iDataSort will continue to process the stored specifications until the unit is re-programmed.

Print service providers and in-plant print operations are continually seeking workflow improvements. Print runs are getting smaller, forcing print operations to combine small jobs to take advantage of equipment designed to process higher volumes. With the new iDataSort Autonomous Intelligent Stacker, organizations can combine jobs and still automate the last part of the process.
Any production line that requires manual counting or eyeball estimating of the output would benefit from adding DDS's latest automation offering to their production workflow. Contact us today to discover how our new device can lower costs, improve accuracy, and enable productivity improvements.
If you would like to see a demonstration of the latest production automation technology contact us at the number below. We are proud to show you what we can do.

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