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This week we take a quick look at the Q1 year-to-date market stats for 2024. We'll explore the slowing construction of office spaces in Austin and delve into the latest developments in HOME initiative housing discussions at the city council. For our investors, we've got some insights lined up from the profitable allure of senior housing to tax-deductible home improvements, we've got you covered.

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Community News

Construction slowdown downtown...As the Austin blueprint changes

Downtown Austin's construction boom is slowing down for the first time in years. Austin's office space reflecting a shift to hybrid work. Delve into the impact on commercial real estate dynamics and the evolving nature of workspace trends.

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HOME initiative returns to City Council for public hearing

The second phase of the HOME initiative reemerges in the public spotlight this week, accompanied by a series of other proposed revisions to the Land Development Code. City Council and the Planning Commission will hold a joint hearing...

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Residential Market Update

Austin's Slow and Stable Market Stats

March 2024 paints a picture of nuanced shifts compared to its 2023 counterpart. Units sold stand at 2,907, marking a slight dip of 5.92% from the previous year, which is significantly lower than the previous 3 years. However, the average sales price tells a different tale, climbing by 1.56% to $560,215. These fluctuations underscore the dynamic nature of the housing market, the increase in price shows evidence of the stabilization we're seeing, with high-interest rates, it's comforting to see we're back in the positive range year over year appreciation.

So the latest Q1 data for the year-to-date period spanning January to March 2024 brings some intriguing insights. Average sales prices have shown a slight uptick, nudging up by 0.48% to $543,170, with a median price of $428,656. Comparing these figures to the same period in 2023, where the average stood at $540,601 with a median of $435,000, we note a modest yet notable increase. These subtle shifts reflect the ongoing ebb and flow of a wildly shifting housing market in the past, stabilizing, while preferences and market dynamics continue to change.

Updates on the Current Inventory

In the realm of current inventory, the real estate market is buzzing with activity, boasting a whopping 11,596 active listings. With an average list price of $836,378 and a median of $540,322, these properties offer a diverse range of options for potential buyers. Notably, luxury homes priced above one million make up a significant portion, comprising 18.6% of all active listings. Among these, the most prevalent segment falls within the 1 to 1.9 million range, reflecting the enduring appeal of high-end properties in today's market. If you're seeking further insights into the luxury market landscape, reach out, as we have reports tailored to your needs.

The " Under Contract " Update

Turning our attention to active under-contract listings, we find a dynamic market in motion. Although not included in the Inventory Report, these listings provide valuable insights into the market's pulse. Presently, there are 1,978 active under-contract listings, with an average list price of $637,906 and a median of $487,000. Among these, properties priced between 1 to 1.9 million dominate, showcasing continued interest and engagement in this price bracket. With a diverse array of options available, now is an opportune time for buyers to explore the higher-end price points in our Market.

Zip Code and area March Market Stats

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Market & Investor Insights

Investing in Senior Housing... Extremely Profitable, But You Need To Know What You're Doing

Growing old is a fact of life-even for Keith Richards-and while it's doubtful you'll see world-famous rock stars or aging screen stars in a residential

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7 Types of Tax-Deductible Home Improvements

With Tax Day approaching, Unlock valuable tax deductions with these home improvements. From energy-efficient upgrades to home office renovations, learn how to maximize your tax benefits while enhancing your living space.

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