Ze'ev Kolman - Bio Energetic Healer

As our dear client we'd like to introduce you to Prof. Kolman new service "E-Aura Reading".



is a field of subtle, luminous radiation surrounding a person or object. 


Aura Reading is the art of investigating the human energy field, or the energy fields of other sentient beings. It is a basis for using techniques of holistic healing, and includes such practices as Bioenergetics, Energy Energy Medicine, Energy spirituality 

and Psychology


Ze'ev Kolman's unique ability to see read and heal the energy of one's aura is well known around the world. Many people, organization, companies and even governments using this remarkable skill.


Ze'ev Kolman - Bio Energetic Healer


How To Order My Aura Reading?


Step 1

Click on the following link "Order Now" to order and payment. Capture the person photo with a digital camera. Have a white color background


Step 2

Save picture file as JPG


Step 3

Send us person's JPG picture file with his date of birth, full name as appear in birth certificate and three (3) questions to -


Step 4

Receive your complete aura reading about your personality, health, career, love, relationships, reincarnation and much more. Answers and insights about your questions which you'd like to find out about.


Step 5

Send us your feedback 212-245-1715 or email

Thank you for being my valuable client.

Ze'ev Kolman
Ze'ev Kolman - Bio Energetic Healer