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Thinking about buying a new printer?

Sometimes you really need to buy a new printer. Sometimes you don't. Your printer may just need a good cleaning or to be recalibrated.

We can help you determine if there is still a lot of life left in the old beast or if it needs to be shipped off to printer Valhalla.

Center Stage Software will not support printers you do not procure through us.

This is another reason you should talk to us beforehand. We are happy to support printers we recommend and sell, but we cannot be responsible for other makes and models. 
Do you have the word "Stage" or other section labels on your seating plan?

Without the words "Stage" or labels like "Balcony," online patrons might get disoriented when trying to figure out which reserved seats to purchase. It's easy to forget about adding, though, so go take a look at your seating plans and make sure the right words are there to show them the way.

FYI: We generally recommend that the stage is at the top of the seating plan (house perspective) because patrons are used to looking forward toward the stage. 

Don't stress and fuss with major seating plan changes or additions! 
  • You don't need seating plans to give you wrinkles or gray hair, so call us. We work with seating plans all the time so we can do the job for a reasonable fee. Contact Diane at or Peggy at
Did you get one of these emails from

We use URLs, not IP addresses so there is no need to worry about it. P lease feel free to contact us if you're not sure what to do when you receive something like the email below. We are true believers of the better-safe-than-sorry doctrine.

saleDon't let our summer ticket stock sale sail away without you

It's your last chance for 
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No quantity discounts will apply.

Single stub tickets 
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  • Solid purple
No stub tickets
  • Solid blue
Double stub tickets
  • Cloudy cranberry
  • Solid lavender

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