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August 2017
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The heat is on.   Long days and hard work can drag on your team's nerves and motivation.

Here are some ways you can combat the traditional summer slump:

Project a great attitude. You set the tone for how your team will feel.   If you're motivated, it's contagious. Every day is a new opportunity for success. Take advantage of it and be excited.    

Recognize good work. Motivate employees by practicing "random recognition" (the occasional pat on the back) as well as "structured recognition" (giving a small reward for meeting goals). Let them know how proud you are of their accomplishments. Give them meaning to their work!

Take 5 to plan.  Use 5 extra minutes to plan the day. What needs to happen? What obstacles could arise? What loose ends need to be closed up? Let the group decide how to structure the work. Do the toughest tasks during the coolest hours.

Loosen up. Surprise with special treats or goodies that show you care. A cooler with sports drinks, healthy snacks and ice packs is always welcome on any job site.

Get out there and crush it!
The Team at CPS Distributors  

Are you planning for your business after the irrigation season ends? You already know that your workload slows down considerably in November.  Avoid the drop-off this year by offering new services. Talk to our sales team about pro-grade holiday lighting products from American Lighting.

CPS offers full lines of LED lights, bulbs and retro-fit LED lamps, greenery and pre-lit greenery, large displays and various accessories, such as clips, wire and plugs. We invite contractors, municipalities, event venues and other organizations to learn more about our products and the energy savings associated with LED technology. Let us help you have a productive and profitable end to your season.

Stay connected with CPS about our upcoming Holiday Lighting Workshops coming in September. 

  What's the easiest way to tell your customers about the new WiFi enabled controllers from Rain Bird?

Use our customizable contractor marketing materials!    
  • Bill Stuffers
  • ESP-Me Controller and LNK WiFi Module email (Outlook template)
  • ESP-TM2 Controller and LNK WiFi Module email (Outlook template)
  • Email copy that you can cut and paste into your own email template
  • Images that you can use in email, social media and on your website
  • Social media copy
UltimateGrass is the ideal synthetic turf for today's landscaping projects, offering practical, environmental, and aesthetic benefits to public spaces. UltimateGrass requires considerably less water than natural grass and is durable enough to withstand heavy foot and paw traffic, making it the perfect choice for thriving communities. 
Walk This Way  UltimateGrass makes a bright addition to shopping centers, parking lots, and walkways. The turf won't stain or fade due to sun or spills, guaranteeing vibrant expanses year-round. UltimateGrass is also non-toxic and drains easily, so it is safe for children and pets to play on.
Middle of the Road  Installing artificial turf in medians can save countless gallons of water per year, freeing up dollars for other projects. UltimateGrass is also a smart option for landscaping crews, as it requires significantly less maintenance than natural grass, which means less time spent working in busy roadways. 
Reduce your water use, save money, and beautify your community with UltimateGrass 

In this helpful technical article from Lasco Fittings, discover the forces that cause failure in threaded pipe connections and how to take steps to control them in your installations.

Click here to download the full article PDF 
NIBCO Push-On Gate Valves
Designed and constructed to last the life of your system

Commonly found on large commercial and golf course systems, Nibco push-on gate valves are a proven, long-life solution for isolation valves and other applications.
  • For use in large commercial and golf course irrigation systems.
  • Optional joint restraints eliminate labor & alignment issues.
  • IPS Push-on end connections.
  • Bronze models are dezincification resistant.   Fusion-bonded epoxy coated body on cast iron models. 
  • Available in a variety of models and sizes.
Click to learn more
FREE Spanish Training Videos from Regency Wire     
Regency Wire and Cable has introduced a complete series of videos in Spanish on irrigation electrical installation and troubleshooting.  Help your team save time and labor by following time-saving diagnostic techniques.

Click the links to view the videos.

Munro LP Series Centrifugal Pumps
Designed specifically for turf irrigation, with standard high-end features that our competitors only offer as pricey add-ons, this pump is truly heavy duty. Professionals trust the LP Series to deliver trouble-free performance.

Durable and long lasting - While many centrifugal turf irrigation pumps are made out of plastic, which wears and warps, our cast iron construction and brass impeller mean that our self-priming pumps are built to stand the test of time, even in more unusual or difficult environments.

Industry leading performance to horsepower - The proof is in our curves. In many cases a lower horsepower Munro LP pump will meet the same GPM performance that you'd expect to see only in higher horsepower pumps. With greater starting torque and an efficient run cycle, our pumps truly lead the pack.

Easy to install and maintain - With two priming ports and a durable steel base plate, installing a Munro LP Series is a snap. When it's time to maintain or winterize the pump, you'll love our two drain valves. A stainless steel wear ring reduces oxidation and friction, minimizing wear and repairs. If you do have to service the pump, stainless steel bolts and a dry-socket design provide easy access.  


Mitigating Water Hammer in an Irrigation System

Irrigation systems often experience water hammer, which occurs when an irrigation valve rapidly closes as it shuts off and water flowing through the pipe is brought to a quick halt, creating a reversing shock wave in the pipe. Water hammer is notably recognized by a banging noise in a building's piping (which is particularly undesirable early in the morning when the irrigation system is running), and can be destructive to system components or cause pipe connection breaks. Water hammer can be mitigated by installing a water hammer arrestor, such as the Zurn Wilkins 1250XL, into the irrigation system as close as possible to the inlet side of valve that is causing water hammer. Water hammer arrestors absorb the energy of the shock wave like a shock absorber on an automobile when it drives across bumps in the road.

In addition to causing damage to the irrigation system and components, water hammer causes relief valve discharge on reduced pressure principle assembly backflow preventers. This unnecessary and unwanted release of water from the relief valve vent not only violates water conservation regulations, but can range from a small nuisance discharge to a large discharge that could cause flood damage. Water hammer should be prevented to maintain normal operation of the irrigation system's backflow preventer.

Another solution for mitigating water hammer is to install a soft-seated, spring-loaded single check valve, such as the Zurn Wilkins 40XL2, on the inlet piping leading to the water hammer source. The single check valve operates as a barrier, preventing water hammer from moving backwards in the pipe past the single check valve and isolating the inlet pipe and components from the negative effects of the shock wave. There are cases where the water hammer shock wave is great enough to require the installation of a water hammer arrestor and a single check valve in the irrigation system.

Whatever method is chosen to mitigate water hammer, preventing it will reduce the premature failure of system components, reduce the chances for pipe connection failures, conserve water, and stop the banging noise.

For water hammer arrestor sizing information and installation instructions, click here.