Monthly News & Updates

Less than a week to go until we fully transform Pole Fit into Ecole de Pole London!

We have some fabulous new instructors joining our team and we are adding exciting new classes to our timetable!

We are also adding lunchtime classes and early morning Yoga and Pilates classes to our schedule. Come and get your stretch on and get a moment of calm in our yoga classes. Work on your whole body strength and tone in our new Pilates mat classes.

On top of all that we are opening our brand new second studio at the Evolve centre. With even higher poles and enormous mirrors this is bound to become your new favourite space.

And don't forget about our Pole Jam on Sunday the 6th of August!

See you in the studio soon,

Trevor and Justine

New Instructors!!

Justine & Trevor

New classes throughout the week by your new studio owners! Including Open Pole Tricks, Spinning Pole, Pole Conditioning, Handstands & Splits, Pilates and Yoga

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Hannah Rose

Join our queen of flips and dynamic spins for Flip Foundations and Advanced Dynamic Pole on Tuesdays in Evolve 2.

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By popular demand we are happy to bring you Heels Foundations & Floorwork and Heels Choreo by the fantastic Sarah!

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Cat Lee

Inaugurating our brand new Evolve 2 room will be the fabulous Cat Lee with Intermediate Spinning Pole and Pole Conditioning on Mondays.

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Jo Jo

Get your flow on with JoJo in her new Beginner Flow Choreo class every Tuesday at 6pm

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Open Day

6th of August

Join us at the studio on the 6th of August (1-4pm) for a day of pole jamming and hob-nobbing to celebrate the official opening of Ecole de Pole London. Entrance is free but don't forget to register on the booking system!

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New Classes by your favourite Instructors

  • Look out for Sam's new Barefoot Choreo class at 12:15 every Saturday.

  • Doug will be bringing a new Flow Combos class to you every Tuesday at 20:00

  • On Wednesdays our amazing Mel will be adding Shapeshifter and Heels Choreo to her classes at 19:00 and 20:00 respectively.
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