Bayard Cutting Arboretum proudly joined the Olmsted 200 campaign, a nationwide celebration honoring the Bicentennial of Frederick Law Olmsted - the famed 19th-century author, public official, urban planner and founder of American landscape architecture whose vision of “parks for all people” helped shape American culture.

Look for upcoming events celebrating our historical landscapes designed by Olmsted himself!
The Leading Legumes of
Bayard Cutting Arboretum
Fabaceae (the pea family) is made up of over 600 genera and 13,000 species. It is commonly known for its agricultural value, with peas and beans being a staple of most farms including our CSA Farm. However, over many years the family has evolved to include plants in every shape and form. There are herbaceous plants, shrubs, and trees with every possible life cycle. Within this diverse family, specific plants have great ornamental, ecological and agricultural value. There is also great botanical variability in Fabaceae, but plants can often be characterized by the pod like fruit, legume, which opens along a seam. Another characteristic of the family is nitrogen fixation. Roots form a symbiotic relationship with bacteria and allow the plant to utilize nitrogen, which ultimately feeds the soil. This is why clover is often used as a cover crop to improve barren soils. Many of these plants, including clover, have a home at Bayard Cutting Arboretum.
Styphnolobium japonicum (Japanese pagoda tree) is one my favorite ornamental trees in this family. It is a large shade tree that displays clusters of fragrant, white to yellow flowers in late summer. Come fall, the tree bears the pea like fruit which is a signature of the family. Styphnolobium japonicum 'Regent' can be found in the Old Pinetum (1990-OP692). It is a superior cultivar that exhibits a compact, rounded habit.
Chameacrista fasciculata (partridge pea) is a native legume that I recently discovered outside the Woodland Garden. It is actually an annual that reseeds every year. This extremely attractive plant is in full bloom right now. Ecologically, wildlife (bees and birds) love partridge pea.

I find it fascinating to compare a tiny pea to an enormous shade tree. The more plant characteristics that I recognize; the more connected the natural world becomes to me. I encourage everyone to avoid tunnel vision on their next visit to the arboretum. Of course, visit your favorite tree but try to look at this great landscape as a whole and observe the relationships that make it one.

-Kevin Wiecks, Landscape Curator
Introducing Childhood Education at the CSA Farm
Visitors may have noticed a new feature added to our CSA farm. We created an outdoor classroom to expand educational programming. Our director, Nelson Sterner, envisioned a rustic space that blends into the landscape and promotes creativity. The classroom was a collaborative effort with arboretum staff and members of the community. We consulted with our educator, Elizabeth Herrick (Liz), to understand the needs and functionality of the space. We teamed up with Anderson Tree Service to source tree stumps to use as seating/working areas. John Remmer handcrafted an education kiosk to hold supplies and white board. It was a brilliant collaboration and we look forward to adding more to the space as our programming grows.
We are so thrilled to not only collaborate with our community but also to offer educational opportunities. The Bayard Cutting Horticultural Society offers excellent adult programming monthly. We also host forest therapy, art classes, tours, etc. With this outdoor classroom, we now have a formal space to host childhood education. Our educator, Liz, created exciting programming for preschool and elementary ages. Each class is designed to introduce children to the importance of the how, what, why, where, when’s of growing fruit, flowers, and vegetables. Children learn about the composition of the soil, how pollinators and the littlest of creatures are essential, and how to care for the world in which they live. They will discover there is a great deal to growing and harvesting the food that nourishes us all!
The summer classes started in July and have added new energy to the arboretum. We love seeing kids enjoy the space and explore fun topics each week. Each class is an opportunity for children to expand their views on the environment. Liz utilizes the new outdoor classroom to encourage creativity and positive experiences with nature. Visit our website to view the curriculum and sign up for August classes! For more information, please reach Elizabeth Herrick, our Education Coordinator, at 631-960-2755 or
-Joy Arden, GIS Specialist
Staff Photo of the Month
Dana Fernandez,

A roaming snail visiting the CSA Farm.
Upcoming Events
Save the Date for our 8th Annual Cocktail Reception Benefit!

This year’s fundraiser will be a tribute to Executive Director, Nelson Sterner. We will be celebrating his retirement and ten amazing years at Bayard Cutting Arboretum! Held on Saturday, September 25, 2021. Watch for upcoming details in the next month!
We are exciting to introduce our new educational program! Classes are held at the CSA farm throughout the summer for preschool and elementary ages.
Class descriptions:
For more information, please reach Elizabeth Herrick, our Education Coordinator, at 631-960-2755 or
Arboretum Grounds Tours
The best way to see all that BCA has to offer is to take a “Grounds Tour” that is guided by a friendly and knowledgeable docent. We are offering free tours every Wednesday and Saturday at 10:30 am. Starting August 1, we offer private grounds tours at $10 per person with a minimum of 10 on the tour. We hope to see you and your friends soon!
Upcoming Dates: Aug 7
Cost per person: $40
For more info and to sign up: website
Join certified forest therapy guide, Linda Lombardo of Wild Heart Nature Connection, on a walk from 9:30am to 11:30am, to reconnect with the natural world around us.
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