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10 Reasons NOT To Use A Retractable Leash


1 .Dangerous- Some leashes extend up to 26 feet, inviting disaster to strike whether it be from a car, another dog, or countless other dangers far away from you at the other end of the leash.

2.Other Dogs- If an aggressive dog approaches you, it is nearly impossible to gain control of your dog.

3. Thin Cord-  Can easily break and cause injury to both pet and human.

4.Getting Tangled-  Often times the dog walker gets tangled in the cord which can cause burns, cuts, and even amputation.

5.Injury to Dogs-  Dogs have received terrible injury due to the sudden jerk of their neck including lacerated trachea and spinal injuries.

6. "Fight Back"- These leashes allow dogs more freedom to pull, often times looking very aggressive to other dogs who may decide to "fight back."

7.Bulky Handles- These handles can easily slip out of humans hands, resulting in a runaway dog

8.Leash "Chases" Dog-
If the human does drop the leash and the noise scares the dog, the object (leash) of the dog's fear then begins "chasing" her.  This could cause lingering fear in the dog not only of leashes, but of being walked.

9.Malfunction-  After time, these leashes may refuse to extend or retract, or will begin unspooling at will.

10. Increases Pulling Behavior- If a dog has not been trained to walk politely on a regular leash, retractables train dogs to pull while on leash because they learn that pulling extends the lead.

Please visit HealthyPets for more information




     Why Do Well -Adjusted Cats Sometimes Fight? 


Do you have cats at home that used to get along and now for some reason unknown to you they are fighting? Well, it is important to note that cats will not fight without good reason and it's our job as loving pet parents to find out what that problem is.  The following are possibly causes "Felix" may be acting out:

1.  Pain and Discomfort- Animals, like people, are not 
     at their best behavior when they don't feel good and
    often lash out at other resident cats to show their
    pain.  If you suspect your cat is ill or injured, call
    your vet and schedule an appointment.

2.  Redirected Aggression-  Not to be taken lightly,
     redirected aggression can cause serious injury to
     other house cats.  It is important to separate the
     animals immediately without getting scratched or  
     bitten.  Place the aggressor in a darkened room
    with food, water, litter box, scratching post, and a
    place to sleep. It can take a day or longer for the cat
    to calm down and be reunited with its "siblings."

3.  Newly Home From The Vet- Cats are very smell
     oriented and may not welcome a fellow cat who has
     just come home from the vet due to all of the new
     smells acquired from the trip.  This aggression can
     be stopped before it begins.  Please click on the link
     below to find out how.

4.  New Cat-  Cats are territorial and don't usually
     immediately warm up to a new cat in the house.
     The key is PATIENCE and not to introduce the
     cats too quickly.

5.  Status-  Cats often bicker over their places in their
     hierarchy.  Cats take turns and their positions shift
     depending on many factors including other cats,
     illness, and changes in the household.   To restore
     peace back into the household, follow the
     suggestions in the link below.

6.  Hormones-  Spay or Neuter you cat(s).  In addition
     to helping control the pet population, spaying and
     neutering cats helps eliminate inter-cat aggression.

7.  Different Ages-  It is important to adopt compatible
     cat(s) for your current one.  New cats should be
     around the same age as the resident cat and be 
     about as playful.

For more information on how to prevent cat fighting behavior, please visit



Garden Angel
Watching over your precious one, this exquisite garden statue is sure to create a feeling of peace and comfort to all who see it. Measuring approximately 48" inches tall and weighing approximately 30 pounds, this breathtaking angel holding flowers is created with striking detail and would make an elegant addition to any garden, entry way, or memorial site.  While not an urn, she would beautifully mark a special spot where your beloved now rests.

To view more memorials, please visit  and click on the Remembrances tab
Just a reminder to do a double check when you leave your house in the summer--make sure there is a way for your pets to stay cool and have plenty of fresh water.

Hoping you are enjoying the long summer days.


Deb Chebatoris
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