August 2020
Orora Visual is thrilled to be a part of the SGP Community as a certified SGP Printer. Our team takes great pride in the accomplishing our eco-goals. Some recent highlights include:
  • Increasing use of post-consumer waste content on paper, board & soft signage materials
  • Supplying carbon footprint analytic reports on qualifying substrates for clients
  • Partnering with material manufacturers to test printability of new green products – including styrene, PETG and synthetic papers
  • Earning Green-E Certified Renewable Energy Certification for New Jersey & Chicago. (One location actually contributes energy back to the grid via solar!)
  • Creating our own corrugate from our waste streams to build efficient and sustainable cartons used to ship finished goods to distribution channels and end-users
  • Recycling more than seven tons of plastic, paper and corrugate from each of our facilities 
Orora Visual’s over-arching strategy for the upcoming year is to help customers evaluate their existing in-store signage, custom displays, outdoor campaigns and safety signage to explore opportunities for sustainability. While many large organizations that we partner with have internal sustainability plans, our team of experts makes it easy to implement small changes that add up to big results. It is important to test material performance, check budget implications, understand store operations impacts and help brands and retailers take credit for their endeavors. 

To that end, Orora Visual has invested in soft signage fabric production and finishing as an alternative to the old petroleum-based vinyl banners of the past. Fabric graphics are the future. The production method, inks, raw materials and the ability to ship in small light packages make soft signage tremendously sustainable and cost effective. 

  • Inks are more sustainable
  • Fabric banners are re-usable and new materials are durable against wrinkles and stains
  • Many fabrics contain high percentages of post-consumer waste (PCW)
  • Dye-sub fabric production uses repeatedly recycled paper and kraft liners  

Orora Visual believes that there is another irreplaceable resource that needs protecting, caring and kindness - our people. Sustainability means fostering work environments that are safe for employees like wearing reflective equipment in the warehouse, keeping personal and production workspaces clean, continuous training for heavy machine operators, protecting company and client data within our networks, and preventing accidents on the job. And now, there’s Covid-19. It is extremely important that our company continues to safely serve our colleagues and clients by wearing PPE in our offices, maintaining social distance, and hosting seminars about the physical and emotional challenges of working from home. We are sharing best practices within our communities and industry. Some of Orora Visual’s methods have been highlighted by outside agencies as examples of positive operational processes during a health crisis.

Our team is comprised of some of the best talent in the industry. We are proud to have diverse roles within our company, working passionately together to create a safe and beautiful future. 

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Jim Hart founded Conversource in 1995 after twenty five years of being in the flexographic printing industry as part owner of Allied Gear. Jim identified a real need of converters and label makers to have a pressroom supplies partner who could customize products for immediate onpress use as well as reduce waste. Since inception, Conversource has thrived by listening to customers and uniquely offering a suite of Integrated Solutions™ including Custom Cutting, Custom Stocking, Same Day Shipping, and Freight Cost Management. 
Since its beginning, Mr. Hart has promoted a Conversource business model that takes the flexographic printing industry’s impact on the environment seriously. An avid outdoorsman and known to catch a fish or two in his spare time, Jim Hart certainly feels at home in the sweet solitude of God’s creation. “Whether exploring, hiking, or fishing I enjoy experiencing our great country’s abundant natural beauty. I have always wanted to do my part to pass that on to my ten grandchildren and three great grandchildren,” stated Hart. 
As the industry continues to evolve, Conversource consistently comes alongside their customer partners to meet the sustainability challenge. The entire company embraces Jim’s vision and assesses the energy, resources, and waste attributable to daily business activities - both internally and externally. The exciting part of environmental stewardship is that once you embrace the concept it seems you keep finding things you can improve for yourself and your end-user customers. 
Conversource has even launched a Plastic End Cap and Core Plug Recycling program. The program diverts plastic from landfills and promotes reuse. Customers simply place those items in a designated return box and return them to Conversource for reuse on their next shipment. “The best days of our great industry are ahead. We have been pleasantly surprised with our customers’ excitement for joint sustainability efforts and we look forward to expanding our successes into the future,” added John Lebens, President, and CEO. 
America’s supplier to the flexo printing industry, Conversource is a 3M Premier Service Industrial Products Distributor providing sustainable, industry-leading service and support to prime label, corrugated, and flexible packaging printers.