SOWER Ministry Newsletter August 2023
Dear Friends,
You know it's August when giant zucchini start appearing on the benches outside of church, begging to be taken home. Has this summer gone as fast for you as it has for me? Many of you have been busy at home this summer - tending your gardens (are you the ones peddling those zucchini?), watching those grandkids play soccer and baseball, and helping out with VBS or other summer programs at your home church. Maybe your summer has been a bit more muted as you've been busy caring for an aging parent or other family member or even struggling with your own health issues. (Please don't forget to share those items through the prayer chain so we can join you in lifting these requests to Jesus.) Some have had the opportunity to serve at SOWER projects this summer and have been blessed to see God at work at Christian Camps all across the country. Ziplines, water activities, crazy competitions, and real-time Bible teaching. Quite a winning combination when it comes to kids and the Gospel. Many hearts have been won for Christ - Thank you, Jesus!
 In the SOWER World, August brought a new SOWERGRAM and the Annual Registration. (Have you sent yours in yet?) And coming up in September is the annual Board of Trustees meeting. There will be lots to discuss, so I know they covet your prayers as they put together their Annual Reports and agenda items. Winter sign-ups are going well, and there are still lots of openings in the "Sunshine States". The office is waiting for your requests! =)
 May these final days of summer be filled with joy, peace - and hopefully air conditioning! Hope to see you 'down the road'!

Serving with you - for Jesus!
Stephanie Conrad #2509
It's been an honor to serve...
Dick Howard #2527
My second and last three year term as Trustee ends this month. There have been many changes over the last 6 years. The Lord has blessed our ministry as we continue to increase in membership while other similar ministries have lost members or closed. My prayer is we continue our focus on serving God through serving our host ministries. Many ministries have been struggling because of decreased funding so we must keep that in mind while on a project. I want to thank the members, Trustees, office staff and Area Reps for their support over these years. 
God's Perfect Timing
Paul & Sue Hovey (3908) were traveling to Camp Li-Wa (AK-288), when they stopped to eat in a restaurant in Tok, about 200 miles from Fairbanks. Sue struck up a conversation with a couple at the restaurant and found they live here in Fairbanks. The couple invited them to come over for a visit sometime while they were here. So, last week Sue called them and they invited them for a meal. During the evening, Sue mentioned that the camp was having issues with their septic tank.
That night Chuck (the man they'd met) was awakened and he felt that God was saying “if these couples came from Illinois & Oregon to serve here in Fairbanks, you should be able to help this camp by going across town." Chuck has a John Deere tractor with a backhoe, not that anyone of us would know that!
Chuck wrestled with his decision to offer to help for two days before calling Paul to see how he could help. Paul told our maintenance man about it and he checked with the director before calling Chuck back. Chuck said it would take awhile for him to get here. An hour later Chuck comes up the driveway on his tractor! He'd driven it across town, almost 10 miles.

So, the digging began. He dug an 8 ½ ft. deep x 12 ft. hole to the bottom of the septic tank. The pipe had broken and the sewage was running into the ground so it wasn't a pleasant problem. But, after digging for two days, with the help of the two SOWER men, they fixed their sewer!
It saved the camp thousands of dollars and took care of a major health hazard.
It’s amazing how a random conversation struck up between travelers from different parts of the country could be used by God to solve a problem that neither of them were even aware of at the time!  Giving God all the praise that Chuck listened to the Spirit prompt him to offer his time and expertise to Camp Li-Wa!

 Larry & Gerrie Bliven #3596
An Innovative Idea
Deer Creek Camp (TX-404) has been blessed to partner with SOWERS ministry for nearly 20 years, and God has been so faithful in the relationships built, the projects completed, and the ministry partnership. 
Please check out our BRAND NEW SOWERS PAGE HERE to view the detailed version of upcoming projects, pictures of completed projects, SOWER testimonials, and hear a bit of our heart and mission at Deer Creek Camp. 
Thank you for graciously considering partnering with Deer Creek! 
Jesse Sanders
This garden statue at Odosagih Bible Conference (NY-306)was in desperate need of restoration! Marsha Lyon, #3609, stepped up to the plate and hit it out of the park during the July project! Something new for the Skill Sheets!
Help Me!!!
First coat of cement repair
Complete and ready for the Buffalo Bill's season to start!
Project News and Updates
The Project Committee is looking for an Area Representative for the following New England projects -

Pilgrim Pines, NH-400

If you would like more information about helping with this important part of our ministry please contact David Pincus.
Project Sponsor is an active SOWER couple who is familiar with or is willing to become familiar with a potential new project and will commit to promote and work the project occasionally during the first couple of years to help them get a better understanding of SOWERs and establish the project.  A prospective project cannot go further in the application process until a sponsor is established. Contact Wendell Ramaker for more information about the opportunity below!
Camp Nathanael - Emmalena, KY 
The primary goal of Camp Nathanael is to win the unsaved to Christ and encourage believers in their Christian walk. Emphasis is placed upon constructive, consistent teaching of the Word of God appropriate for various age groups. They place concentration on evangelism, discipleship and Christian service with the intention of strengthening the local churches.
Welcome to the SOWER Project Family
YWAM Madison, located in Madison, WI, is our newest SOWER project location. It is a vibrant missions community that empowers believers to transform nations through the love and power of Jesus. They are an international and multi-generational ministry, connected by their passion to know and serve God and to make him known to people around the world. YWAM Madison has three locations around Madison and will be providing transportation between the different sites. This YWAM location will be asking for SOWERs from May through September, and have two SOWER spots. Check the latest PLS for more details.
Project sponsors are Steve and Beth Pugh, #3861
Underserved Project Update
Have you checked the Underserved Project List lately? The office has put together an updated list of ministries that have received six or fewer SOWER couples in the last 24 months. Check the PLS to see where you can serve or contact the office to get any clarification about these underserved projects.

Updated 6/20/23
Let's try to shorten up that Underserved Project List! Send in highlights about your favorite project on the UPL along with a couple of pictures to to help get it OFF the list!
SOWER Building Update
We Need Your HELP!
The New SOWER Building is a go! We are finalizing what we need to do for our projected September start date. We have chosen men that have signed up for the SPM (Project Manager) position to run the project from month to month. Now we need YOU!

Our construction schedule is as follows -
October '23 - Rough framing, trusses and sheeting
November '23 - Finish roughing, siding, set windows and doors
December '23 - Construct short shelter, electrical and plumbing rough in, insulation and drywall.
January '24 - Tape and texture drywall, install HVAC
Feb - March '24- Interior doors, trim cabinets, install electrical fixtures, plumbing fixtures and final finish work

Please consider signing up for SOWER project TX-361 to help with this exciting addition to our home office.
Wendell Ramaker, Trustee Chairman of the Building Committee.
Seen recently on Facebook
Thank you, Sandi, for posting about this wonderful milestone! And congratulations to Mal and Debbie Wall who have served so faithful through our SOWER ministry these last 20 years!
Have you stopped by our Facebook Group lately? Please use caution and respect when posting. This is a PRIVATE group (only members can see posts and add posts), but it is still good Facebook etiquette to get permission before you post someone's picture. Thanks!

If you're a member of Facebook, but haven't joined the SOWER Group click on the icon to join the family! Just enter your member number in the question, and the Administrator will approve you.
Since the SOWER Facebook group is a ‘private’ group, we try to limit our members to folks that are SOWER members or project hosts, and couples that are interested in joining our ministry.

If you invite other interested folks to join our Facebook group, they will still need to answer the membership question. Thanks!
Thank you to everyone who has given our SOWER Facebook Page a "Like." We're well over 1500 "likes!"! If you haven't already given it your thumbs-up,  head over there now! It's a great way to spread the word about our ministry. 
While the SOWER Facebook Group is for sharing SOWER stories (and is something that you join), the SOWER Facebook Page is where the ministry shares information and works to generate interest in our ministry (and is something that you 'like').
Don't forget to check out your favorite ministries on Facebook. Many of our partner ministry locations have a Facebook page, and it's a great way to stay up to date on the places you love to serve!
Clicking on the summer fun above will take you to the Members' Page, the August/September SOWERGRAM, and the latest updates to our Project Listings (PLS)
(updated weekly).

If you have any questions,
please contact the SOWER Office  
This month there are 92 SOWER couples (or singles) serving at 48 different ministries around the country. Praise God for all the work that's being accomplished! Have you signed up for fall project yet? There are still lots of opportunities to be a blessing and to be blessed!

And make plans now to attend the 2024 Florida SOWER Rally!

February 26-28, 2024
Florida Baptist Encampment
Groveland, FL

Watch for more details in next month's newsletter!
Background Check Update
Have you been a SOWER for longer than 10 years? If your number is under 3275, please make sure your Background Check is up to date (must have been done within the last 10 years). Contact the office for more information!
For August, 116 projects asked for SOWER assistance yet 68 of those ministries did not receive workers. NO doubt about it, we need more SOWERs! As you continue to spread the word about the blessing of being a SOWER, here is an idea you might not have thought of. If you are the GL, ask the host who takes care of their Facebook page. Approach the individual with a brochure and encourage them to recap some of the work completed along with a brief description of our organization. Offer to share a few pictures of the work done and maybe some fun times. A link to our website or Facebook page would be a big help too. Likely there are potential SOWERs looking at the FB pages of our host!

Then He said to His disciples, “The harvest truly is plentiful, but the laborers are few. Therefore pray the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into His harvest.”
Matthew 9:37-38

For His Glory,
Nelda Thompson #3445
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Do YOU have a Blog you'd like to share?
Send the link to and we'll add it to the 'Roll'!

Group Picture - The July 2023 group working at Navigators/Glen Eyrie (CO-458) in Colorado Springs, CO. L-R Steve & Barbara Brown #3974 –First Project!, David & Karla Dennis #3912, Ron & Sharon Hoyt #3815, Rod and Chris Krehbiel #3683, Gary & Diane Smith #3627, Dale & Margie Loven #3469, John & Linda Senn #3691 (Photo submitted by Sharon Hoyt)
Header Photo - Locust Springs Christian Retreat Center, (TN-337)Greenville, TN by Barbara Adcock #3748
Dear Sam & Sally,
We recently received our 2024 Annual Registration and Skill Sheet Form. None of our information has changed since last year - do I need to fill it out?
Still the Same

Dear Still -
The answer is YES!!!! Here are some FAQs about this annual form -
1. Who should return their 2024 Registration/Skill Sheet? 
~ Everyone who plans to work at a SOWER project in 2024.
~ Everyone who is not sure if they can work a project but wants to stay connected in case their circumstances change.
~ Everyone who has retired from doing projects but wants to remain in the 'family' - having access to the PLS, SOWERGRAM and Roster and also the ability to vote for Trustees and on other issues.
 2. If I'm already an Alumni, do I have to send it in?
~ YES! If you do not send it in you will no longer be on the rolls and we'd hate to see you go! You do not need to fill in your skill levels - just the top portion.
 3. What if I don't send it in? 
~ You will not be able to work any projects in 2024 (even if you have already signed up for them).
~ You will not be listed in the roster.
~ You will not be sent a 2025 Registration/Skill Sheet.
~ You will not have access to the SOWERGRAM and PLS.
 4. Why can't the office just use my information from last year?
~ Information changes, i.e. email address, home address, RV information, physical limitations etc. It's an important check for the office to make sure they have accurate contact info for you.
~ Skill levels change. Maybe you had a 4 down for tile, but this year you had knee replacement surgery. Lower your skill level to reflect your current limitations. It’s important that we not ‘over-sell’ our skills. Our partner ministries rely on accurate skill information when they are planning their projects.
~ Skill levels change. Maybe you had a 1 down for painting but God had you doing a lot of painting last year and you improved your painting prowess. Bump the number up. See comment above.
5. When is it due?
~ Today! Okay, it's not really due until October 1st. But do it today! If you can't find the copy that came in your SOWERGRAM, you can download one from the Members Page or contact the office for another copy.

One change from previous years is that although the office prefers a signed original form for their files, they are accepting electronic versions (i.e. scanned and emailed) of the form.

If you have any additional questions, the office will be happy to help!

Sam and Sally 

Do you have a SOWER etiquette question? Or maybe you'd like some clarification about a policy or rule. Sam and Sally would love to hear from you! Contact them at -   
To send in a prayer request or praise item-
To contact the office -

To submit a SOWER story or a photo to the newsletter, send it to