Go Tell It on the Mountain
Skyland Community Church
Monthly Newsletter
10:30 Sunday Service
August 2013
Minister: Stephen Glauz-Todrank
Church phone: 408-353-1310

Altar Flowers


still life withflowers  


Lightning flash -

what I thought were faces

are plumes of pampas grass.


-- Basho Matsuo



Open Sundays for donating flowers are August 11 and 25; September 1 and 29 Please sign up in Whitaker Hall.


                  - John Heyes


Matt's Blog


The url for the blog that

Matt Colbran-Patterson is 

writing from his internship in Tanzania is not the one sent via email last month. Rather, read about Matt's adventures at 




Poetry Podcast
for Bards & Fans


Erica Goss, our own Los Gatos Poet Laureate, will launch a poetry podcast in August, in conjunction with the Los Gatos Library. Erica invites people who live or work in Los Gatos to record a poem, either their own or a favorite. The poems will become part of an archive of fifty recorded readings, and will reside on the library website for all to enjoy.


Recordings will be made in the library's conference room; dates and times will be announced. If you would like to record a poem with Erica, please email her at ericagoss@comcast.net, or call 408-205-1957 .


Other plans include an anthology of local poetry, prose and art, to be released in the winter of 2014, and a scholarship to honor a student who shows talent in creative writing at Los Gatos High School.


Skyland Community Church
Minister's Column 
Festival Time - A Chance to Work/Play Together


Dear Skyland Friends,


Summer is a busy time for us here at Skyland Church. With the annual Run now over, we are getting ready for the Harvest Festival. The pods (two this year) are coming to hold all the goodies. We have been encouraged to "de-clutter," which means to fill those pods up with our nice but expendable stuff. We know how to do this, and it is a wonderful opportunity to work and play together to put the festival on for our community. 


Thank you in advance for your help on all the little projects that combine to form the big event itself. I think the Kingdom of God that Jesus was always talking about comes to life in our community in a special way as we do these things together. Through the work, let's take some moments for real gratitude that we get to do this with one another and that the community of unconditional love (my words for the Kingdom of God) shows up in us and among us together. Here we go!


Old Hymnals Available


As we were decluttering the shed for the Harvest Festival we came upon four boxes of hymnals entitled Rejoice in the Lord, which we used before we purchased our current hymnals. Consulting with Margretta, we have decided that since we won't be using them again for worship we should offer them to anyone who would like a souvenir copy. 


Some people gave individual books in memory of another person. If you did so and would like that book for your home library, please contact me and I will search for it. We are also going to dispose of the old blue choir robes so if you would like one of those, I will help you to find one your size!




-- Stephen




Declutter! the Harvest Festival  

Is Just the Place for your 'Stuff'


Ellie Lavender reminds us that the Harvest Festival is a perfect venue for us to declutter our lives by contributing those used but usable clothes, utensils, book, toys, and other items we are storing for a rainy day.


For those not sure how to go about decluttering, Ellie is offering another declutter workshop from 10 a.m. to noon on Saturday, Aug. 24, in Whitaker Hall. Like her previous workshops, this is a benefit, and all proceeds will be given to Skyland Church. 


Once she has taught you how to declutter, Ellie also offers help to you - and even to those who already know - in getting used items to the Harvest Festival. Call her at 408-858-8947 or email ellie@lavenderdesign.net. 


Register by calling that number or emailing the web address by Aug. 19. Fee for the workshop is $25; please bring with you a check for that amount, made out to Skyland Church. 


Simplify your life and help the church at the same time!



Items Still Needed


Kim Gautho reports: We are seeking clean, gently-used clothing, books, toys, games, puzzles, sporting goods, art or other decorative items, tools, and housewares. All items should be complete and clean.


We also need help soliciting items for the silent auction. If you can help, email Kim at kgautho@gmail.com.


Please, no electronic appliances, large items such as furniture, or textbooks. 



Still Time to Jam with Mary Ellen


We're hoping you're making some wonderful jams, jellies, chutneys, and pickles for Harvest Festival.  People are beginning to tell me what they've been doing in the jams and jellies department, and we can use everything you can come up with!  We have a following at Harvest Festival.  As soon as the ribbon is cut, they make a dash for our booth, so we want to have a good selection available.  We can label and price so that there is uniformity. I am making cherry cardamon chutney again, and hope to make one or two more types of jam while the stone fruit is at its peak.  If you don't have fruit available, the local farmer's markets are a wonderful source.  I'll have Concord grapes ripe in a few weeks; let me know if you'd like some.


Remember to check the shed for jars; and if you have extra empties, please put them there for others.  We're looking forward to selling all your creations!


--Mary Ellen McTamaney




Financial Report July 2013


Note from our treasurer:


The 10K Run financials are not complete, but will likely show net proceeds of more than $7,000 to distribute to selected mission outreach activities.


Thanks for everyone's dedicated support.


Summary of our operating finances for July 2013:


            July 2013                | Jun 1,2013 to Jul 31,2013                  Actual     Planned |    Actual      Planned  

Income      $  9,527  $ 10,100 |   $ 31,773    $ 32,944  Expenses   $  8,893   $  8,599 |   $ 31,382    $ 31,127

Net           $    634   $  1,501 |   $      391    $  1,817

-- Gerald J. Alonzo