August 2021

No time like the present to prune your trees

With the excessive rain, we have had this year there may be some unintended consequences for our larger shade trees. Trees are opportunistic and with water being plentiful, they will put on as much growth as possible. Even though this makes them attractive, that extra weight may set the tree up for failure as fall/winter hits. As we all know it is common in Colorado to have early and late snowstorms. Remember in September 2020 when flakes flew and we had an accumulation of a few inches? Keep in mind lots of growth coupled with early snow equals "Arborgeddon." Autumn Tree Lawn and Landscape tends to book up with pruning in the fall before the snow flies so if this is something you are thinking about, call us sooner than later.

A Word from Our Plant Health Care Specialists

New Services Added to Plant Health Care

Influence by Organic Approach is a complete liquid formulation of natural stress-reducing plant hormones. Our soil is a dynamic network of living organisms. Healthy soil can have billions of microorganisms living within it. This microscopic life determines the overall health of the soil and the health of all the plants we grow. However, soil requires a constants source of food to keep it alive and healthy. For soil, one primary microbial food source is organic matter.

Our soil is much different from the soil you find in the forest. Our soil lacks the necessary organic matter to sustain the soil's life. As the soil life is decreased, so are the available nutrients for the plants. This is why we need to supplement our plants and soil with materials to help them. We can do so by implementing additional biological microbes to fix this problem. The use of organic materials will feed the soil life and stimulate the biological activity needed to develop healthy soil, producing healthier and more productive plants. 

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Compensatory Leaf Drop

This condition is brought on by environmental conditions and not a fungus or bacterium. Trees commonly exhibiting this condition are birch, tulip poplar and sycamore, but can happen to almost any tree. Trees are constantly losing water to the atmosphere through their leaves, and the more leaves the tree has the more water it must take up through the roots. Once summer heats up, and rainfall begins to decline, the roots are unable to supply all the leaves with enough water to stay healthy and green. The tree compensates for this by dropping the leaves that are the least efficient at producing food through photosynthesis (usually on the interior of the canopy). This reduces the amount of water needed by the canopy, and reduces a lot of the stress on the tree. In general, early leaf drop is a sign of stress on the tree. But keeping your trees watered and healthy will reduce the amount of stress, and help to prevent any of these things from happening. And by keeping your tree’s leaves green and healthy through the summer, you should have a great show of color in the fall.

A Word from the Lawn Care Specialists

Cranberry Girdler

This insect is a sod webworm that does its feeding and damage in the late summer into fall (August-September). The damage will look like drought stress until you tug on the grass. Cranberry girdler can kill lawn by chewing through the roots, turning in brown. Cranberry girdler infestations can be treated, but they are most effective when larvae are young. Scouting for larvae in August, when eggs are laid and young larvae are developing, will help with application timing. 


Protect your home and keep bugs out!

Keeping bugs out of your home is a daunting task. No one likes to share their space with pests, especially rent free! At Autumn Tree Lawn and Landscape we have your property covered. Our bug barrier program can be applied any time and has a 60 day residual. We protect your home against ants, spiders, silverfish, beetles, and other insects. We apply this bi-monthly treatment around the perimeter of your property around the foundation and 3 feet up insuring these pests stay outside where they belong. Have peace of mind all year long


What Technology Could Reduce Heat Deaths? Trees.

At a time when climate change is making heat waves more frequent and more severe, trees are stationary superheroes: They can lower urban temperatures 10 lifesaving degrees, scientists say. DES MOINES - The trees were supposed to stay. It didn't matter that the owners of the squat building alongside were planning to redevelop the property.

The New York Times By Catrin Einhorn

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Do you need snow mitigation for your commercial property?

We specialize in snow removal services for single and multi-site commercial and industrial clients.

Don’t wait till winter when routes are full.

Live Edge Slabs Available

5280 Milling has a great inventory of raw live edge slabs available for your creative woodworking needs.

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