August 2021
Happy Almost End of Summer!

Well, so much for Stage 1. As you can tell from our updated emails, we’re unfortunately back to Stage 4. Hopefully we won’t have to regress any further in our status reports, but we are so appreciative of everyone’s understanding of these ever changing and trying times. For those very few but vocal individuals who find themselves inconvenienced by our safety practices, and as much as we appreciate all feedback, both positive (see one we shared below) and negative, we do apologize for disrupting your visits. Please bear in mind that we have no way of satisfying everyone’s wishes. The best we can do is evaluate all aspects and the ramifications to all our employees and all our customers as a whole. If we have to shut our doors because an invincible attitude creates a contaminated situation then no one wins. Please remember that the mild inconveniences allow peace of mind for so many others that wish for the same access to the magic and wonder that draws each of you to our doors. As they say, a little bit of something is better than an whole lot of nothing. Thank you for sacrificing your comforts and limitations for others.

Another large shipment with pallets of inventory has arrived so we are finally able to restock the showroom floor with some much needed and requested products. A huge assortment of Shungite is being processed and those patiently waiting for Malachite will be happy to know it too has arrived. The online store received their Carnelian, Aura Quartz and Lepidolite shipment and is now posting its availability. There is a lot of discussion right now about the recognition of Black Tourmaline’s properties and especially with respect to its relationship with COVID-19. With this feedback in mind, we have tried to ensure and maintain a considerable supply for your selection. We have also restocked our Ultra Violet handheld lamps in both shortwave and longwave for individuals seeking to use that method of sterilization and/or expand their fluorescent mineral collections.

August doesn’t appear to have any governmental recognized holidays to acknowledge but there is a special Austin August holiday we like to celebrate. In 2014 the Mayor declared August 8th as “Nature’s Treasures Day” . To commentate this honor we established August 8th as our Annual Rock Fest celebration usually followed with a day of fun and games for families and friends. COVID has put a damper on our capability to continue celebrating in the manner we have in the past with our Rock Fest party so to honor and celebrate our special day and as a special thanks to our customers, this year we will be issuing coupons at checkout on August 8th for 20% off your next visit in-store or online!

Unexpectedly last week we were forced to close our Rock Depot for a couple of days. Please feel free to call ahead, especially if you're visiting from out of town to make sure all of our spaces and services are open and available. Once again thank all of you for your ongoing patience, community support and providing us the opportunity to share in your lives. We try very hard to stay present and hold our allegiance with Mother Nature.

We feel your love ❤️
Please everyone, continue to stay safe and healthy.

Karen and the Staff

I haven't been to Nature's Treasures since COVID hit, and I miss y'all so much. I'm vaccinated but I'm high risk. My spouse and I have been frequent customers since y'all were next to the office supply shop. 😊 All of the mineral specimens, crystals and fossils we've bought over the years have been a huge source of comfort and company for me while I haven't been able to get out. 

I just wanted to applaud y'all for your efforts to keep everyone safe. I've heard of people being very abusive to people in customer service positions. I hope that peace reigns supreme and y'all don't have any trouble or resistance to evolving COVID protocols. 

Thank you all for being there, for caring, and for keeping customers and the community safe. 

Sending Love,
Anna S.
AUGUST UPDATES: COVID-19 Safety Protocols
Please Visit Our Website for Full Information
Nature's Treasures will continue to review recommendations made by local government and the Center for Disease Control to move forward in a socially responsible way to best support staff, customers, the community and the economy.

If you would like to be added to a COVID-19 Response Notification to stay updated on the Nature's Treasures plan-of-action, please update your e-mail subscriptions HERE.
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Bring Nature Home with the Treasure Tome
Be sure to check out our blog archive for information on everything from how Nature can help alleviate Allergies to experience your Zen!

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Super Cute!
Ocean Jasper Angel Gemstone Peace Pocket
Guardian Angel Healing Statue - 2"

Banded Carnelian Palmstone

Limited Quantities

Selenite Windows from Mexico
Limited Stock Available -- Online Only

Available in Jumbo Sizes too!
Aqua Aura Quartz Clusters!

Mined and processed in the US, these energetic clusters are favorites year after year!
Featured at the Counter
Stackable Rings RESTOCKED
Assorted Stones, Styles and Sizes
Stone Chamber Pendants
Perfect for Oils, Perfumes and Tinctures
Featured in the Depot
Faceted Gemstones RESTOCKED
Assorted Stones, Sizes and Styles
Sugilite in Manganite
By the Pound!
Featured in the Showroom
Labradorite Restocked
New polished shapes in a variety of Crystals
Coming Soon!
Thank you for your continued patience as we reorder and restock some of our most popular items! We hear your needs and are doing our best to order and process new inventory as quickly as possible despite the delayed supply chain due to COVID-19 (although things are getting better, many manufacturers and vendors had to reduce production or stop completely).
Keep an eye out on the Showroom Floor later this month for these and other popular items!
Kid's Kits & Toy Items
Stuffed Animals
The Treasure Tome: A Trove of Knowledge

Zodiac Stones:
Crystals for Leo
Leo season comes in with a bang during the intensity of the midsummer sun. If your birthday falls between July 23rd and August 22nd, Leo is your sun sign. Read Crystal Healing Expert Adrienne Goff's recommended stones to capture the essence of Leo for yourself!

Libyan Desert Glass: The Galactic Treasure of the Ancient Egyptians
Moldavite has been having a big moment, but have you heard of Libyan Desert Glass (aka Libyan Gold Tektite)? It’s also an extremely rare, high-vibe tektite that formed from a meteorite crash. The Ancient Egyptians revered this golden space gem, honoring it with the title of “the Rock of God.”

Featured Agate - Coyamito Agate
This is a Coyamito Agate from the Rancho Coyamito in Chihuahua State, Mexico. The ranch is approximately 120 miles south of El Paso, Texas. The agates are found in an andesite lava flow in the Sierra Madre Mountains. They are well known for pseudomorphs after aragonite and their purple and yellow colors. It is a favorite of agate collectors.

The agates will vary in size from an ounce to many pounds.
Agate hunting started here in the late 50's. Like many of the ranches in the area, it is very old, being a claim of the current family for over 150 years.
Meet Our Staff
Allison P.

Allison moved to Austin from Florida to further her education in geology and vertebrate paleontology. In her free time she enjoys hiking, camping, skating, and reading. You will see Allison working mostly in the Rock Depot and Rock Yard, but she also helps restock the Showroom as part of the Inventory Team.

"My favorite stone is a silicate mineraloid known as Opal, the vibrant color play and the odd lumpy crystalline structure has always interested me. Most opals are 65-145 million years old and often found in sedimentary Cretaceous rock (the same time period when dinosaurs lived). She has a strong connection with water, rock, and all organic material, and Opal is the product of Earth’s entire natural being in one. "
In The Community Events Center
The Nature's Treasures Community Events Center Auditorium is available for events and classes! The Studio will be closed and unavailable until further notice.

Stay tuned in to our Calendar and Upcoming Events Pages for the latest updates on events being held in our Community Events Center.
Coldtowne Theatre Showcase
Saturday, August 21st
Nature's Treasures of Texas - Auditorium
Reservations Required
They were locked inside for a over a year. Then they were in improv class for 8 weeks. Now they are ready to take the stage. Come for an hour of laughs and thrills with these up and coming comic geniuses. Shows at 5:30p, 7:00p and 8:30p. $12 tickets available HERE!

The Spiritual Life Fair
Saturday, August 28th
Nature's Treasures of Texas - Auditorium
Experience some of the wonderful ways you can be even more empowered in 2021, whether it’s through a session from one of Spiritual Life Productions' unique assortment of fine psychic readers and healers, or experiencing specific products, modalities, or techniques.

Classes | Lectures | Workshops & More
Nature's Treasures has a 2,200 sq ft (56' x 40') Auditorium that seats 150 available for your event. 

Check our calendar for availability.
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August Practitioners
Daily Practitioners are Back!
We are so happy to welcome back our practitioners this month.
Practitioners will be available for private sessions in-store from 11:30a-5p.
Yuci Edwards - Spiritual Guide - 2nd, 16th
Deborah Dahmen - Intuitive Reader - 4th, 27th
Jamecha Dodd - Wellness Coach - 9th, 30th
Denise Nitti - Intuitive Reiki Master - 3rd, 17th, 26th
Tara Ventura - Psychic Medium - 6th, 20th
Sheela Goodrich - Healer of Healers - 18th, 31st
Kramer Wetzel - Astrology - 10th, 24th
Madam Zee - Magikal Life Coach - 13th, 19th
Renatus Ren - 12th, 23rd
Freedom Jennings - Aura Soma, Reiki, Tarot 11th, 25th
Rebecca Andrews - 5th
In the Community

The Healing Arts Festival & Market
Sunday, August 1st, in San Antonio!
Don't want to drive into Austin and wait in line to get into the store? Visit our booth at The Healing Arts Festival & Market to get your crystals and interact with a myriad of practitioners and vendors all with unique gifts and products!

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