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One parent's story
The Challenge
My family moved to Ada County in Oct 2020 from Florida. Prior to the move, our youngest son had a comfortable group of therapies and services in FL. At 14, we thought he was capable of the move, and he thought so too. We didn’t realize the challenges we would face. We were able to transfer his Medicaid without problems and even found some services. What we didn't realize is that in Idaho the DD (Developmental Delay) and the mental health issues he was encountering would be addressed by different systems of care. Learning to navigate two new systems to meet his many needs was a challenge. 

Finding my voice
Finally, somebody mentioned the YES program. We read about it, and still confused, we called Idaho Federation of Families Family Support Line. I learned the next steps to take and after evaluation we were notified our son was in the YES program. For months we didn't know what that meant (and neither did his doctors). We found an agency that offered services through YES but they were not a good fit since they did not understand his DD.

I now advocate for our son to find services that meet his developmental disabilities, adoption trauma history, and other complex needs. It doesn't work to treat the one without understanding the other needs. I am still asking questions and trying to find the right fit for services for both DD and mental health. We wish there could be one group to understand all components.

What I learned
I have found that belonging to a support group like FYI Adoption Support & other groups is a must. I join zoom chats, read the Department of Health and Welfare websites, and ask questions over & over again. I hope to see more people involved with the Idaho Federation of Families and join the zoom meetings. We can share so much information that way. Together we need a clearer understanding of the YES program and services so we can explain it better to others.
Connecting you to resources

Family Caregiver Navigator is a Idaho-based stress-reduction program for informal family caregivers. We offer free options counseling and resource referral with a focus on caregiver wellness. Caregivers can care for a person of any age with any type of condition. After a short assessment over the phone, Navigators build care plans that connect them to other needed services, with a focus on SW Idaho. Services and resources could include disease education, support groups, respite care, or financial support policies among others. Warm hand-offs and regular follow-ups provide much-needed support for caregivers. Bilingual staff are available to serve caregivers in Spanish and English, or other languages through a translator. Visit the website, call 208-426-5899 or take the short caregiver screener to get started and learn more today or contact us at
FYI: Parent support

Coffee Chat:
Helpful serves and challenges encountered for supporting a path to adulthood

3rd Wed of the month
Aug 18th at 12pm MST/11am PST

FYI Adoptive Parents

1st and 3rd Mondays
August 2nd and 16th
at 8pm MST/7pm PST
FYI Parents of Youth Discharging from residential

3rd Tues of the month
Aug 17th at 11am/10am PST

This group will support parents who have a youth discharging from intensive outpatient, residential care or the juvenile justice system.
FYI Complex Diagnosis

1st Tuesday
August 3rd
at 12pm MST/11am PST

This group will support parents who have a youth who has a mental health diagnosis and is developmentally disabled.

FYI: Youth
Youth MOVE Idaho on Discord

Youth MOVE Idaho (YMI) is a youth driven group and a chapter of Youth MOVE National. YMI aims to provide peer emotional support and opportunities for mental health advocacy. Did you know that YMI has led the way in creating the Discord meeting space for Youth MOVE. If you are interested in learning more about YMI contact
Virtual Art Show

Please send your art submissions showing others what you have been doing to keep emotionally health or expressing what has been your struggle this year. Don't just think this is a picture of your drawings (though we welcome those also) - please send us your videos, music, and fine arts.