August 2021
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Congratulations to Alix Sullivan for being promoted to Associate Director! Ms. Sullivan will lead ESI’s Real Estate Practice Area.
Bernard Markstein produced a report on estimates of June state construction unemployment rates for the Associated Builders and Contractors. Learn more. He was quoted in an article about construction employment rates. Learn more. His company was also mentioned in Yahoo finance. Learn more.
Congratulations to Julia Cohen for being promoted to Associate Director! Ms. Cohen will lead ESI’s Transportation and Infrastructure Practice Area.
Farewell to ESI's Associate Director Peiyong Yu. We wish you all best for your future endeavours!
Richard Bickel will participate in a panel to review and recommend proposed Problem Statements for the FY2022 Transit Cooperative Research Board on Aug 11.
Jeremy Sunkett was recently named Co-Chair of ULI Philadelphia’s Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Advisory Group.
Karen Spencer Kelly was a panelist at the City and State PA Diversity Summit. Learn more.
Congratulations to Bernadine Hawes for being appointed to the National Advisory Board for the National Institute of Standards and Technology Manufacturing Extension Program!
Ardy Wurtzel will join a panel at Society for Diversity 5.0 on "Exploring the Progression and Challenges of Implementing DEI Strategies in Higher Education”. Learn more.
Frank Robinson will join a panel at Society for Diversity 5.0 on "Exploring the Progression and Challenges of Implementing DEI Strategies in Higher Education”. Learn more.
Joyce Lee was interviewed on cultural institutions in advance of the COP 26 Paris Accord meeting taking place in Glasgow, UK, in the fall. Learn more.
Stephen Mullin will be a keynote speaker at KOP District's event "Let's Go, KOP: Pandemic Impacts, Pivots & Predictions" on 9/22. Register now.
Terry Tracy was invited to speak on issues related to urban public policy and building a new metropolitan majority at the Heritage Foundation’s Annual Resource Bank in Austin, TX.
U.S. - China Research
On April 14, U.S. President Joe Biden went a step further on the track of his predecessor Donald Trump by officially announcing the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan, which will undoubtedly end Washington's longest war, but also inevitably leave huge problems.
The situation in Afghanistan has fallen into an unprecedented complexity. However, the development of the overall state of affairs in Afghanistan is as what ANBOUND has predicted in the past, that there is no unexpected development, but only the fluctuations of the situations and the huge impact on the U.S. military operations around the "world island". Read more.
Present Value
We ask ESI Director Rebecca DeJoseph a few questions about a recently completed project that required the use of a variety of analytical capabilities to assist a client in developing a means of using research into STEM opportunities.
Drexel Co-op and Marketing Assistant Shaum Arora explains how broadband connectivity can help transform rural areas by connecting them to urban cities.
We recap and include the recording of ESI Principal Richard Voith's presentation at the ACCCIM-ANBOUND Forum on Digital City Development in a Post-COVID Era in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Dr. Voith’s presentation focused on “Digitalization, Density and Development: Where to Invest Post COVID-19?”
by Frank Robinson and Stephen Arrivello
ESI director Frank Robinson and Axcel Capital Group's President Stephen Arrivello collaborate to highlight the importance of C-PACE by explaining its benefits and economic impact.
Client Spotlight
ESI was mentioned in the the Philadelphia Business Journal for their work on the recently released report "Philadelphia Equitable Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Assessment and Strategy". Read more.
The Philadelphia Business Journal used ESI's study as a reference to explain how exemption of certain taxes in Pennsylvania will spur growth. Read more.
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