August 1, 2023

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Town Hall Calendar - August

8/8 - Town Council Meeting ~ 6 pm

8/16 - Vision Committee Meeting ~ 9 am

8/16 - Planning Board Meeting ~ 6 pm

8/22 - Council Agenda Meeting ~ 8:30 am

8/22 - Special Called Meeting ~ 6 pm - **Winmock at Kinderton

8/28- Brush/Limb Pickup

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August 2 ~ Town Green

Message from Mayor Rick Cross

In my message this month, I would like to review a few areas of importance for our community. During the past 18 months, as we began to emerge from a COVID-19 environment, I have been sharing with you - through my written messages and any time I have spoken with residents and businesses across our Town - that we live in a special community, one that people want to move to, invest in, and become immersed. 

We, as our Town’s elected representatives, discuss this almost daily. In any given week, our Town Manager and/or I are fielding inquiries from parties interested in making an investment in our Town.


Today’s message will focus on four topics: 

  • Official opening of our first phase of the Blue Heron Trail
  • Upcoming elections for Bermuda Run Town Council and Mayor
  • Hall Walker Properties Annexation and 10/70 Public Hearings
  • Recent interest, activities and questions surrounding development across our community


On July 11, we held a ribbon-cutting as we officially opened the first phase of our Blue Heron Trail. We actually held two ribbon-cuttings - one at the new pedestrian bridge along Highway 158, and one at the tunnel under I-40 connecting to Kinderton Village at Lakeside Crossing. Thanks to all who were there with us on that sunny day. And thanks to all of those property owners and businesses along the way who provided the property on which we were able to place the path. Their generosity towards our community is truly appreciated by all of us who will use this wonderful new amenity.

We are excited for this opening, and I am thrilled to now see people walking, running and riding bicycles along the trail every day. As I told those gathered, this opening is not the culmination of a construction effort. Rather, it is the next step as we physically connect our Town…and beyond. We have a number of initiatives we continue to work on as we connect our communities. More to come!


As I shared in my May 1, 2023 message, municipal elections will be held to fill two Town Council seats and the position of Mayor for the Town of Bermuda Run. Current Council members Heather Coleman and Curtis Capps have chosen to not run for re-election; and I, as Mayor, have also shared that I will not be seeking re-election. 

As an elected leader in this community, I am very pleased to share that we have had five residents make a strong commitment to our Town by filing for the two open Town Council positions. I am incredibly proud of the increased engagement from our Town’s residents during these past few years, and want to thank each of these candidates who have demonstrated a desire to serve our Town:

  • David Gilpin, Rod Guthrie, Rae Nelson, Jeff Tedder, and Marty Wilson for Town Council; and current Town Council member Mike Brannon, who has stepped up as candidate for the role of Mayor. I appreciate Mike’s continued, and expanding commitment in helping lead our Town.

In these very active times, each of our elected representatives deserve our appreciation for their dedication and the work they put forth on behalf of our community. As I plan to transition from my role in the next few months and make way for those who will lead us into the future, I am very thankful for the willingness and commitment of those who are seeking positions with our Town leadership.

As a final note, given that there are five candidates vying for two Town Council seats, our Town’s Charter requires a Primary Election to be held on October 10 in preparation for the November 7 General Election. Stay tuned as more information will be forthcoming. (Davie County Board of Elections)


Recently, applications were made to the Town of Bermuda Run that involve properties totaling approximately 63.5 acres located northeast of the Highway 801 and Yadkin Valley Road intersection. These properties are located just outside of our Town limits, and are referred to as the “Hall Walker Properties.”

* Applications were made for several properties lying in the Town’s Extra Territorial Jurisdiction (ETJ) to be annexed into the Town of Bermuda Run. 

* Application was also made for what is known as a 10/70 allocation. This is a complex topic in that much of the land in and around Bermuda Run is in one of 17 identified “water supply watersheds” in North Carolina. 

  • The State of North Carolina has mandatory rules and statutes governing what can be developed in these water supply watersheds. Some of the Town is in the Yadkin River watershed, which is designated by the State as a “Water Supply IV” (WS4 or WS-IV) watershed. 

  • Under the State rules only 24% of a new development lying in a WS-IV may be built upon, including roads, buildings and sidewalks – anything that is impervious to rainfall. Under the state’s rules, the Town may allow up to 70% built upon area on 10% of the watershed area. This is called the “10/70 provision”. The 10/70 provision allows our Town Council to approve allocations for this purpose.

On July 11, during its regularly scheduled meeting, the Town Council was to hold Public Hearings on the submitted applications. As we approached the meeting time, it became clear that there was significant public interest and that there would be a large number of residents in attendance. Given that our Town Hall would not have reasonably accommodated all who wanted to be in attendance, I - with the full concurrence of our Town Council – continued the meeting until the next scheduled Town Council Meeting on August 8. 

Subsequently, questions were raised concerning the current calculation of the 10/70 allocation amounts in both Davie County and Bermuda Run. The Town and Davie County are in communication and working with the NC Department of Environment Quality (NCDEQ) to audit their respective watershed programs.

Therefore, the Town has decided to take no action on these requests until the NCDEQ audit results are provided to and reviewed by the Town. Because the timing of the audit and the date when NCDEQ will provide the audit results to the Town are not known, there is no way to estimate when the Public Hearings will be held. Notice of the Public Hearings will be provided through the Town's normal communication outlets and as required by North Carolina law.


In my role as Mayor, I have made it a priority to communicate and engage with residents and businesses across and beyond our community, and have worked to create a meaningful dialogue. This is always important, and is especially so when there is a high-level of activity across our Town. It is with this in mind that I would like to share some thoughts.

In discussions with our Town Council members, and in speaking with many of you, I would like to take some time to look at the bigger picture for our Town. 

As most of you know, we recently updated our Town’s Comprehensive Plan. As part of this, during the last year we asked each of you to respond to a survey with your thoughts and recommendations, we held an information/input session to gain additional feedback, and we have continued to have discussions across our community. I believe the greatest issues in front of us are land use, zoning, and ensuring that we are employing a strategic approach to the development of our Town.

I have recommended to our Town Council that we hold a town hall type meeting to allow for the exchange of thoughts and ideas related to these issues. This meeting would not be during one of our regularly scheduled Town Council Meetings. Additionally, this meeting would not be a replacement for or be considered a Public Hearing for any specific action. Instead, this is an opportunity for us to share thoughts and to discuss these important issues. 

To accomplish this, I am calling for a Special Called Meeting to be held on Tuesday, August 22, 2023, at 6:00 p.m. at WinMock

Pursuant to North Carolina law, the purpose of the special called meeting must be specified. The purpose of the Special Called Meeting to be held on Tuesday, August 22, 2023, at 6:00 p.m. at the WinMock Barn is as follows:

  • Discussion of current zoning regulations in the Town of Bermuda Run
  • Discussion of annexation
  • Discussion of the Town’s Comprehensive Plan and Future Land Use
  • Discussion of 10/70 allocation process and procedures and NCDEQ audit

We will provide the opportunity for questions to be submitted in advance. This will assist us in being prepared to address your questions. The format of the meeting will be a combination of presentation and Q & A.

We will be providing more information during the next couple of weeks.

My hope is that many across our community will see value in this session, and that it can provide all of us meaningful insights for our community’s future.


As I have signed off each of my messages, I appreciate all with whom I have been in contact - phone, text, email, and in-person. Thank you for your time and willingness to engage.

Each time I have reached out across our community, in person and in writing, I always end with a request that we continue to engage. 

I ask that you reach out to me - my phone/text is 336.391.1992 and my email address is

I look forward to seeing everyone soon.

Rick Cross

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The name of the new gate management system is DwellingLive. This is a site for residents in the gated communities, allowing them to schedule guests and communicate with the gates online.

If you have questions, please call Town Hall at 336-998-0906.

Mayor: Rick Cross

Town Manager: Andrew Meadwell

Town Clerk: Cindy Poe
Finance Director: Dora Robertson

Town Council:  Mike Brannon, Curtis Capps, Heather Coleman, Mike Ernst, and Melinda Szeliga