August 10th, 2022
Monthly spotlight 
The Founder of the company!

August is the birthday of the man who began the company. James E. McVey.

This August, we will recognize “Gene” because we would not be here without him. In 1990, Gene struck out on his own to start his first company. It was a risk but through dedication and focused effort, he made the company a success.

In the 2000’s, market demand for IT contractors began to change and Gene had to change with the times. That is when RDS was born. He had to start from scratch and build the new company.

Gene educated himself on the cancer registry field and got in the trenches to get his company up and running. Everything was small again and the lion share of marketing and recruiting were on his shoulders.

Today RDS is a very successful business helping Cancer Registries all over the US.

Kristin McVey
Registry Data Solutions