August 2019
 Monthly Newsletter
FLEXcon recognizes that sustainability is a process of continuous improvement. It’s not a program or a fad. It’s ingrained in FLEXcon culture; an ongoing commitment to pursue the best methodologies toward
environmental sustainability of their processes, products, people and community. It’s their policy to
minimize environmentally adverse operations by striking a balance between environmental factors and our manufacturing processes. As a Gold Patron of SGP, FLEXcon recognizes the value that SGP certification brings to the print and buying communities. FLEXcon is committed to helping transform the marketplace and embracing a leadership role for inclusion of sustainable business practices in the industry.

Through their environmental management system, they focused on reducing their carbon footprint
through a number of initiatives: FLEXcon is a zero waste facility. Over 60% of their supplier packaging is recycled, and they offer a customer packaging return program. FLEXcon has “greener” product alternatives such as non-pvc products, thinner gauged films and release liners and liners made partially from post-consumer waste. They reduce water and electricity usage and continuously comply with air emission regulations. In fact, in 2017 they purchased a replacement oxidizer (which allows the release of cleaner exhaust into the atmosphere) that consumes 80% less natural gas that the previous one. National Grid partnered with FLEXcon on the project as a green initiative and ultimately covered 30% of the cost of the new equipment – one of the largest rebates they’ve ever paid to a Massachusetts company!

"We understand the importance of supporting third party certification organizations like SGP as they
provide a platform for developing standards and sharing best practices that can impact not only our
product development, but the entire graphics communications industry." -Jodi Sawyer, FLEXcon Market Development Manager, SGP Board Member
As a full line supplier to the sign and graphic markets, SGP Gold Patron Piedmont Plastics is regularly brought into conversations with printers to help improve their sustainability profile. Often, printers want to replace PVC or foam board products with something recyclable or biodegradable. Today, there are several options for most applications at price points close enough to the original product. In these conversations, Piedmont goes a step further and guides printers to understand the benefits taking a holistic approach to sustainability and explains the value proposition SGP certification.
Piedmont staff recognize that compressed production schedules and shrinking budgets are most on the mind of their printer customers. But by listening to Piedmont employees, printers quickly recognize that becoming more sustainable improves their ROI and can create a competitive advantage. Getting certified by SGP helps them on their sustainability journey, lets them “walk the walk” and have a comprehensive process in place to address consumer demands.
One example was a printer pursuing the cannabis market. There is tremendous opportunity for this emerging industry and POP opportunities abound. It is important to cannabis producers that marketing and promotional efforts align with the “organic” or “natural” labels that surround the vast array of cannabis products. Piedmont’s substrate alternatives for more sustainable displays were fairly straight-forward. But it was only after a deeper dive, describing SGP certification that printers understood that a competitive advantage could be achieved through a more holistic, validated approach.
Piedmont Plastic not only promotes more sustainable options through its product offerings, but they actively encourage SGP certification and sustainable business practices that benefit the printing industry. 
Top Value Fabrics (TVF) is a long standing SGP Patron who enjoys supporting SGP initiatives as well as focusing on their own sustainable efforts within the industry.

On Earth Day, TVF launched their Deko-Green fabric constructed entirely out of fibers from 100% recycled plastic bottles. Deko-Green was launched with artwork titled “Mermaids Hate Plastic” by world renowned artist, activist & photographer Benjamin Von Wong who developed the art from 10,000 plastic water bottles collected from the Pacific coastline.
Paying close attention to sustainability, the majority of TVF fabrics are 100% recyclable from their manufacturing partners whose operations are waste free. TVF is very active with the SGIA Sustainability, Health, Safety & Personnel Advisory Council & SGP in promoting sustainability & SGP certification within the industry.

To learn more about their sustainable efforts and products visit .