Yikes, it’s already August!! And there is a lot coming up. Please do take a moment to read this newsletter carefully to ensure you do not miss any important dates, deadlines or details.


Thursday, August 12th at 1 p.m. Central - August Electing Women’s Alliance Call 
The special guest will be North Carolina U.S. Senate candidate Cheri Beasley, former Chief Justice of the North Carolina Supreme Court (rescheduled from July).
Please send RSVPs to electing.women@gmail.com.

Please read the details carefully for our September 2nd event below as there are specific parameters for this event.

September 2nd 5:00-6:30 pm - U.S. House candidate event for Hon. Colin Allred (TX-32), Hon. Lizzie Fletcher (TX-07) , Hon. Vicente Gonzalez (TX-15) and Special Guest Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

We are thrilled that this event will be an intimate in person opportunity. COVID protocols will be in place and full vaccination status will be mandatory to attend. 

For the most robust COVID safety consideration, we have a capacity limit for this event. Members must PLEASE RSVP before August 15th to ensure attendance if desired. Should you be unable to attend but wish to support, the donation link will remain open for the remainder of the calendar year as with all of our events. 

We anticipate an opportunity for members who plan to be in attendance, to invite a friend who may be a prospective I2E member. That said, we respectfully request that you hold off on sharing this information or sending any invitations until we have a better sense of capacity after August 15th, at which point we will let you know if we are formally opening this event to prospects. 

If you will be joining at the $1,000 level and have not yet maxed to any of the candidates, we respectfully request that you split your contribution evenly across the candidates. Candidate bios are attached. Members may elect to have event contributions count toward either a Texas Membership or an EWA membership pledge for 2021. 

Please note again, all those in attendance for this event must be fully vaccinated. Any additional safety precautions will be confirmed 48 hours prior to the event. 

Confirmed events with dates soon to be announced:

Hon. Val Demmings (FL-10) - Florida Senate Candidate  
Senator Raphael Warnock 

Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo 

Central Texas House Members Vikki Goodwin and Erin Zwiener

Women’s Governor Fund

The Electing Women’s Alliance was first founded on the principle that women running for office receive far less funding, and key early funding specifically, than male candidates. This tenet sadly still holds true, especially in gubernatorial races.

We’ve seen a growing number of women elected officials at the federal level, but becoming a woman governor is still statistically rare. Today, women make up 24% of the U.S. Senate and 26.8% of the U.S. House of Representatives, yet only 16% of governors are women. In our nation’s history, only 43 women have ever served as governors and 20 states have never elected a woman to the executive position. This is why it is so important to protect the incumbent women in these seats and continue to expand the map by supporting competitive women candidates. 

After multiple studies, specifically one published by the Center for Women and Politics in 2017, the Democratic Governors Association (DGA) announced the creation of the Women’s Governor Fund in 2018 - via an announcement in Austin’s very own 19th News!

Launched in 2018, the DGA’s Women Governors Fund is a separate, no-overhead fund that supports our women governors and candidates. Since its founding, the Women Governors Fund has been responsible for a 100% increase in the number of women governors elected.

With the expanded I2E focus supporting gubernatorial elections in the 2021/2022 cycle, we plan to continue to provide more educational and funding opportunities with/for women Governors. But should you wish to make a separate personal contribution supporting the DGA, please use this Link


DGA Launch Announcements:



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Enjoy the last weeks of summer and stay WELL!

Elizabeth and Laura

Executive Committee members:
Casey Chapman Ross, Beth Falcone, Karen Meyer, Karyn Scott, Kelly Dixon, Mary Anna Paul, Stacy Alexander, Hannah Temple, Laura Rose Wilson, Tanya Payne, Nan McRaven, Helen Bryan, Laura Cho, Lizza Harrison, Meena Vendal, Pooja Sethi, Amy Brown, Yael Ouzillou, Susan Blount, Laura Hernandez and Elizabeth Bray

Group and Committee Chairs:
I2E Co-Chairs 2021 - Laura Hernandez and Elizabeth Bray
Candidate Co-Chairs- Lizza Harrison (EWA) and Pooja Sethi (Texas)
Membership Co-Chairs-  Beth Falcone and Kelly Dixon
Events Co-Chairs- Amy Brown and Tanya Payne
Finance Chair- Susan Blount
Governance Chair- Laura Scanlan Cho
Communications Chair- Casey Chapman Ross