August 2023

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NAMI NH Public Policy Director Holly Stevens and Public Policy Assistant Sam Hawkins will provide an overview of how to navigate the State House Halls and give you the opportunity to ask questions and hear firsthand accounts of the 2023 legislative session! Register here for this FREE tour. State House Tour Sign Up

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Sam Hawkins Mobilized

Sam Hawkins joined NAMI NH as Public Policy Assistant just prior to the start of the 2023 legislative season. Sam quickly adapted to the fast pace as he combined his passion for advocacy and his writing skills to draft many bill position statements. 

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The Impact Of Legislation

On Mental Health

Featuring Sam Hawkins

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Sharing stories and reading stories matters. We invite you to share your story to help to reduce stigma and increase hope.

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The Children's System of Care(CSoC) Newsletter provides a current snapshot of mental health resources and events throughout the Granite State. Former Magnify Voices contest Erin Murphy continues to give youth mental health a voice.

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Erin Murphy, former Magnify Voices Participant and the 2023 NAMI NH Youth Leadership Award Recipient and NAMI NH Executive Director Susan Stearns. Read more in the CSoC July/August Newsletter.

Military Family Resources

Source: Sesame Street for Military Families

Teaching kids communication skills, helping them maintain a positive outlook, and supporting them as they express how they feel can reduce stress…and help kids thrive and grow. Please click below to find resource links including Sesame Street for Miliary Families.

Military Family Resources Click Here!


I prefer self-care that is not expensive. I spent a few days on vacation with my family this summer and my mom brought along a bag of Epsom salt to soak her hand. We made a quick trip to a store nearby where we purchased dish pans for $1.98 and upgraded to a foot soak! Here is my recipe for relaxation: Epsom salt and water in a dishpan. This is even better if you can enjoy your foot soak outside. Bonus points for enjoying a cup of coffee while you soak and committing to spending at least 10 minutes to rest and recharge!

– Deb Jurkoic

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