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August Beekeeping Tips


In the Hive

Swarms are smaller during this time of year. 


Your bee population will begin to diminish father than grow, the brood area may contract. Many bees born from the end of August forward are called "Winter Bees" they live longer than their summer sisters. 


Summer heat will require the bees to ventilate and perhaps beard outside the on hive during hot evenings. 


If you leave your hives untreated the Varroa mite population can peak August or September. These can be tough to manage, make sure and treat for this. 



You need to be very thorough for pests and diseases this month. Your colonies should be able to take on fall honey flow and then overwinter successfully.


Check that the hive is not honey bound. Move the combs out of the brood next and into super if needed. The queen needs all the room she needs to lay, so you have a strong cohort of winter bees. 



August is the month when colonies begin prep for winter. A full-sized colony should have at least 70-90 pounds of honey to eat by the beginning of October. Nucs need less. If you extract honey, leave enough for the bees, or feed them sugar syrup to make up the difference. 


The bees will need at least two double-sided frames of pollen/bee bread by late winter/early spring. 

Make sure and have a water source for them if it is dry. 



Pests, parasites, and disease

Monitor Varroa mite levels and treat where needed. We have treatment at Let It Bee Inc.



Prepare for fall flow with at least one super and be ready to add more if necessary. 


Upper entrances will help the bees ventilate the hot hives and evaporate the excess moisture from their honey. 


Removing bees from honey supers may require a fume board, bee escape, bee brush or other tools ( 

They each have advantages and disadvantages. 


Hive products and services

You may be able to trap pollen. 


Let us know of any questions as you navigate your bee journey!

World Honey Bee Day is August 20th 2022

World Honey Bee day is celebrated every 3rd Saturday in August.  Here are some fun activities to celebrate with kids.


We have extractors!!!  

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Upcoming Events

Fox Valley Bee Keepers

This Months Meeting will be:

Thursday, August 18, 7:00 pm

N1966 Julius Dr. and Hwy 15

Faith Community United Methodist Church. 


Labeling and selling your honey 

August hive maintenance 

Bee report: Get your bee keeping questions answered!


Brown County Beekeepers Association

This month's meeting is August 17 at

6:30 PM at The Green Bay Botanical Gardens.  Topic Fall Honey Management

MBM at 5:15 Fall Hive Management

Questions contact current President 

Check the website for more monthly activities:

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