A Note From April

Hello Friends,

I wanted to write a few notes about our energy clearings - the do's and don'ts.

  • Please DO NOT send your credit card information via email. Not only is it not safe I actually can't do anything with it.
  • If you are subscribed with a credit card and need to change your payment information I will be able to cancel your subscription for you and help you set up a new one but I do not have the ability to update card into.
  • If you signed up with a PayPal account you should be able to update payments there under your subscriptions.
  • We appreciate everyone who is a member of our energy clearings and I am happy to answer questions about it. I want to above all make sure your financial information is safe.

April Grace

Director of Communications, Raymon Grace Foundation

Energy Clearing Info

A Note From Raymon

Howdy Folks

This newsletter is bit different with a 2 hour video. Hope you have time to watch. 

My friend Ed Strachar invited me to be a guest on his talk show on August 16 to be filmed LIVE. There were around 1500 people from around the world watching. 

Ed asked if I would clear the drinking water for all those folks out there watching. 

I had done something similar back in 2004 when being interviewed on Coast To Coast Radio and the results surprised me 

This time was bit different as we were able to get more feedback and get it FAST. I was watching the text coming in too fast for me to read them all, but near as I could tell, all were positive.

I set a goal over 30 years ago to clean up the water on this planet, so I APPRECIATE Ed giving me the opportunity to help some folks have good drinking water. 

Here are two links to the video that Ed sent, as we want the folks who missed it to have the opportunity to watch and feel free to share.

If you want more detailed information, you can order my video ‘Energizing Water’ from www.raymongrace.us 

For some reason, in the video it appears my eyes were closed. Have noticed this in other videos. It may be because my camera was at the top of my computer and I was looking at the screen. talking to Ed. Not the way I wanted it but it didn’t interfere with energizing the water. 


Bobber News

Folks in Australia want to buy bobbers from me ~ and I have them for sale~~But the shipping cost are unreasonable. 

We have made arrangements to let you buy the same bobbers in Australia to reduce the shipping cost. Here is the contact information 

Best contact is our web page: https://www.universalenergyclearing.com

or contact me ~ Heinz~under 0429884315.

We still do not ship them to other countries

Class Calendar

  • September 9-10 - Orange, VA - LOTS OF SPACE LEFT!
  • September 23-34 - Abingdon VA - FULL
  • October 14-15 -Abingdon, VA - Few spaces left
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Comments From Our Friends Around The World

  • I immediately signed up for Raymon’s offer to do a monthly cleansing. Our life has changed dramatically for the best. My work as a medical intuitive, author and workshop presenter has exploded and I am traveling even more internationally than ever before. My partner was offered an amazing position at a large hospital which she accepted. We have abundance in life with new friends, new experiences and new prosperity than ever before! Thank you Raymon for all of your loving clearings.

Tina Zion

  • It was our pleasure! We cleared the casino and won it all on one slot machine first time😇. We then cashed it out and left❤️. Yes, we got more than the cost of the class😇😍. But we felt like the information you kindly shared in class is priceless!!! Thank you for all the useful info! We feel really empowered and in control of our future! Respectfully Krist and Mike
Raymon Grace Foundation
I am still promoting my friend’s hemp oil products and sell them in class. WHY?
Because I believe in helping friends. Each one of us has been there to help the other for 40 years. 
No reason to stop now~~ and also ~~the stuff WORKS.

Clinch Mountain Hemp