EMI ADDS ACCESS to the IMS Mexico Private Network (International Medical Solutions) NOW QUOTING for

10-1 and beyond effective dates.

We are pleased to announce a fully integrated Mexico network within the EMI product portfolio. The product will include full integration with the EMI Group plan with cross accumulating OOP’s. The IMS network provides full access to a credentialed panel of providers, including Primary and Specialist Care, Pharmacy, ER, and Hospital services directly across the border in El Centro, San Diego, CA., Yuma, AZ., Nogales, AZ., El Paso, TX. And Laredo, TX. Today, the IMS network is primarily used by large self-funded plans.

By adding this access EMI is changing the way small and mid-market size companies can compete.  IMS currently allows 180,000+ members of employer sponsored plans access for those employees and dependents in the workforce who might regularly want lower out-of-pocket costs via access to care in Mexico. IMS offers transportation to the medical facility from the Mexico border. They also provide concierge services to set appointments. Typically, a visit can be scheduled with less than a 24 hour wait time!

Allied’s ID card welcome packets have received their biggest facelift yet! Here is what you can expect soon:

• No more bulky welcome kits! Two sets of ID cards will soon come embedded in a single page letter containing all the important information your members will need and delivered straight to the members' home!

• In lieu of flyers, new members' dedicated resource pages are already available online. The new pages not only are helpful to members, they also are a great resource for employers and agents. Check out the new Member Resources page below.

EMI now provides education and support to expectant mothers to reduce instances of complications and subsequent high-dollar claims.

Nurses regularly communicate with members and can tailor the frequency of contact to their needs. Women who are at the highest risks for complications in their pregnancy can be seamlessly transitioned to Maternity Case Management if needed.

In response to reports that some employers are offering fixed indemnity excepted benefits coverage to employees as an alternative to comprehensive, employer-provided health coverage, the Departments propose to clarify that coordination occurs when fixed indemnity insurance is offered as a complementary coverage option that is coordinated with an exclusion of benefits under a group health plan maintained by the same plan sponsor, regardless of the existence of a formal coordination-of-benefits arrangement.

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