Where did the summer go? The temperatures are starting to cool a bit, the days are getting shorter, the trips to the lake are coming to an end, and it’s that time of year again: time to head back to school.
When I was a kid, I had a lot of mixed emotions about this time of year. I loved having the summer off to play and relax and have time with family. I loved time at the lake, and playing baseball, and just being a kid with few responsibilities. But by the end of the summer I was generally ready to get back to my friends and back to the routine and I may have even looked forward to seeing what lessons I could pick up at school.
For most of us, school is one of the most formative places in our lives. It’s at school and on the playground where we first deal with mean people—bullies. It’s in school where we learn perseverance, the value of hard work and good study habits, and how to believe in ourselves. In school is where we first learn how to navigate relationships with others. And those challenges we first wrestled with in school we continue to wrestle with all our lives.
As we approach another school year, and as we get back into the normal school schedule and routines, we’ll be getting back to the normal church routines as well. We invite you to join us as we receive lessons from God here in our church building that aren’t just for children and youth, but lessons that are for all of us. However young or old we might be and whatever life circumstances we might find ourselves in, God still has something to say to each of us.
Even as adults, God still has something to teach us as we navigate our relationships with one another and with those around us. God still teaches us that the hard work we put in matters, and that we have a community of people who will help us in that work along the way. And as we find ourselves back in those normal church routines, perhaps each of us can be reminded of how God shows up in the normal, everyday places of our lives, even in things as normal as school.
So join us and see if God might still have a lesson for you, as we all head back to school!
-Pastor Dane