August 2021 NEWSLETTER

Hello Anjalika,

Ascencia is excited to share important news about how we are expanding our reach and connecting communities in 2021-22! For over 15 years, Ascencia has been successfully providing comprehensive homeless services in the greater Glendale area. Five years ago, we expanded our reach to encompass the West Hollywood community. This June, we expanded our reach again in collaboration with LA City Councilmember Nithya Raman in Council District 4 to begin providing services in the communities of East Hollywood and the adjacent areas of Los Feliz, Koreatown, and Midtown.

In the coming months, Ascencia will have more exciting news to share with you as we continue expanding our reach and connecting communities. The current crisis impels us to rise to the challenge to end homelessness and the many forms of individual and community suffering that accompany it. Thank you for your continued support.


Dr. Laura Duncan

Despite facing COVID challenges, this is what we accomplished...

Connecting with Clients

From Ascencia to Home: Gregory

Gregory ecstatically receiving an Ascencia welcome basket after moving into his new home.

In 2018, Gregory came to Ascencia in need of critical support. A survivor of domestic abuse, Gregory also struggled with bipolar disorder and trauma. Ascencia helped Gregory find secure housing, but following the pandemic, he once again found himself in need of our help.

Within the span of a few months, Gregory had lost his job as an esthetician and became the frequent target of harassment from his neighbors. Fearing his safety, Gregory found himself back on the streets, rotating between living in his vehicle and seeking shelter in a rented storage unit.

At Ascencia, we never stop supporting our clients, and we were able to immediately assist Gregory as he found himself once again in a vulnerable place. Our case managers helped Gregory find temporary housing in a Project Roomkey motel. Today, thanks to Gregory’s determination and Ascencia's support, he has secured a safe, one-bedroom home and re-entered the workforce, continuing his work as an esthetician. 

As Gregory can attest to, unexpected events can have a devastating impact on our lives. At Ascencia, we catch individuals where they fall, and commit to do 'whatever it takes’ to ensure that our clients remain housed--indefinitely. 

Connecting with Supporters

Sunair Children's Foundation

Ascencia is very much grateful to Sunair Children’s Foundation’s $18,000 award providing us with the means to provide extra administrative, programmatic, and operational support for our emergency sheltered families.

Connecting with Staff

Director of Programs, Marcell Mitchell

We are proud to announce our new Director of Programs, Marcell Mitchell.

Marcell joined Ascencia in 2014 as a General Case Manager, and was promoted to Case Management Supervisor, where he facilitated the development of our Coordinated Entry System. His work is informed by his extensive experience in human services: as a Shelter Plus Care Coordinator, Clinical Therapist, Gang Interventionist, and Assistant Program Director. Marcell’s goal this year is to create a collaborative partnership and reach Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) experiencing homelessness, with a specific focus on the COVID-19 vaccine.

Farewell to our Director of Development, Anjalika Nigam

AN Headshot.jpg

It is with heavy heart and yet enormous gratitude that we announce Anjalika Nigam's departure as Ascencia's Development Director. Anjalika joined Ascencia as our Development Officer in 2016, and was promoted to the Development Director position in 2019. Her many years of entertainment industry production and non-profit Board experience, brought know-how, creativity, and a charismatic flair to Ascencia. 

Anjalika intends to continue serving as an ambassador for Ascencia as a volunteer, a donor, and a community member. We have not seen the last of Anjalika and we are excited to see where her professional journey takes her. 

As we say farewell to Anjalika, we welcome our new Interim Development Director, Camille Guerrero-, and the person to contact in lieu of Anjalika moving forward.

Connecting with Board of Directors

Ascencia would like honor our departing board members; Andrea Amor, Edward Brail, and Karen Swan. We are grateful to Ed Brail, former Director at Glendale Funeral Home and Andrea Amor, successful entrepreneur and businesses owner for serving on Ascencia’s Board during 2020-21. Their unique contributions made a difference many storms of COVID. 

We express special gratitude to Karen Swan, who is terming off after six years of unwavering service on Ascencia’s Board. Karen, a retired, benevolent teacher for 35 years partnered with school nurses, psychologists, and local charities to give children experiencing challenges homelessness, educational, and emotional daily support. As an Ascencia Board member since 2015 and most recently Board Vice President, Karen assisted dozens of families in securing permanent, sustainable housing.

We sincerely wish our departing members the best in their future pursuits and are pleased to welcome our incoming 2021-2022 Board of Directors who pledge to help us expand our reach and connect communities. 

Departing Board Members

Ascencia Board FY 21-22'

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