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Happy Training!

We are more than half way through 2020 and our members are staying strong despite the challenges we are facing.

In the month of August we have
swam 44,925 yards, biked 1,715.4 miles and ran 139.3 miles! Keep up the great work despite the record heat! Don't forget to add your mileage to our running total on the FB page!

This month the Tri Club is doing its best to create events for our members to keep active and engaged. We have commenced our LVTC scavenger hunt as member are actively posting their finding on our FB page. When you log-in to check out the scavenger hunt, be sure to RSVP to our up coming swim clinic on Saturday, August 29th.

If you are looking for an upcoming challenge to fill your race void, join us for our unofficial Red Rock time trial as we ride from Blue Diamond to West Tech High School. Visit our FB page or check out the information below for more details.

Too hot to train outside? Grab your trainer, bike, and stream our Triathlon Talks in the comfort of your home while you get some miles in. Check out our topics below and get ready to expand your knowledge in the triathlon field.

Continue to get to know our member as our President sits down with three of our members and they talk tris. You never know what you may learn!

We are working hard to schedule our race series for this year. As more information becomes available, we will continue to update our members. As you gear up for the series races, get gear ready! Call Velofix for a bike tune up, or upgrade to an Xterra wetsuit or lava shorts using the Clubs discount code. 

Socials/Training Events/Education

Unofficial LVTC Red Rock Time Trial

We are announcing the 2020 Labor Day Unofficial LVTC Red Rock Time Trial, on the same route we have used for past TT Strava Events. The course is from Blue Diamond to West Tech High School.

  1. Be safe out there, there are no lights or stop signs on the route, but please be cautious when riding.
  2. No Drafting, and please practice social distancing, we will be using the "honor system" as this race is for fun.
  3. You may do a "flying start," which means you do not have to stop at the start of the segment.
  4. Have a good look at the segment(s) linked below, so you know the exact start and finish points.
  5. You have the entire day to complete this event, but all rides and runs must be uploaded to Strava by 9:00 pm on the day of the race.
  6. If the weather is going to be bad on race day. We reserve the right to change the date.

There will be no social meetup this time.
We're taking this pandemic seriously, and you should as well. During this event and training, you should adhere to the social/physical distancing guidelines provided by various organizations that know a lot more about viruses than us. For example, the CDC, WHO, and other organizations who derive their information from people with alphabets behind their name (Ph.D., MD, ... you get the idea).

Once again, you must join the LVTC Strava group to get a time. We will post the results on Facebook page the next day.

Please let Tedd Girouard know if you have any further questions.

Here is the Bike Route:

Link to Club Strava Group

Please note, this is a 100% self-supported ride. Please bring enough hydration to get through the ride.
LVTC Scavenger Hunt 2020

Races may have been cancelled or postponed, but the club members are still training and working hard. Let’s have a little fun while we are doing the work with a scavenger hunt!

There are ten photos currently up on our Facebook page . Take a loot at the photos and post a picture of yourself where the photo was taken. For each picture you post, you will earn one raffle entry.

All pictures must be posted by August 31st.

On September 1st, we will draw from the entries for a prize!

Did you get in on the action too late? Stay tuned for second scavenger hunt coming soon!

Good luck and happy training!

Open Water Drills, Skills, and Thrills!

Join us for an open water swim clinic on Saturday, August 29th with Super Coach Melodie Cronenberg! Mel's open water clinic will help novices gain comfort and confidence, experienced swimmers gain speed and efficiency, and everyone prepare like a pro!

Please RVSP to let us know how many people we'll have and to provide enough kayakers and lifeguards. You can RSVP by clicking here. Reach out to Bob Gamble if you have any questions.

August Club Total

The club crushed it in July! Will we be able to out swim, bike, and run our July totals?! Here is where the club is at for the month of August:

Swim: 44,925 yards
Bike: 1,715.4 miles
Run: 139.3 miles

Remember as it gets hotter to stay hydrated and try to workout in the cooler parts of day.

Train hard and smart!
Prez Corner:


What does ‘epic’ mean to you?

When have you used ‘epic’ as a facebook or instragram comment for someone post about an endurance event? I’ve used this term to describe challenging training sessions, unique races, or overcoming some seemingly insurmountable challenge. “That was an epic race!” “Epic ride!” or just “Epic!” These are all huge compliments given and received!

The dictionary definition of epic (adj) is: “Extending beyond the usual or ordinary especially in size or scope.” Since epic is ‘… beyond the usual …’ the term is a relative term. That is, what is epic for me is not epic for someone else. 

2020 has certainly been an Epic year! We are all working to overcome challenges – whether that is a loss of a job, or you or someone close to you becoming ill with coronavirus, or cancellation/postponement of races. 2020 has been full of challenges.

Focusing on endurance events, we’ve all experienced a race cancellation or postponement this year. That is frustrating, disappointing, and de-motivating because many of us sign up for races to challenge ourselves and we don’t have the opportunity to test our fitness. For me, having a race on the calendar helps me stay focused on training; it keeps me accountable to make sure I’m doing the right training.

But races should not define us. Think back to what got you started in endurance events. For many of us, we signed up for that first race because it challenged us … pushed us out of our ordinary routines and energized us when we overcame the challenge.

Let’s make 2020 epic in the sense of finding a challenge that is not race-centric.

Maybe epic for you is to run a 5 K every day for 7 days. Or maybe to swim continuously for some distance. Or maybe epic is to do a century ride or hike to the top of Mt. Charleston. Your epic is whatever is out of the ordinary for you.

As a triathlon club, we have a great community. To me, a large part of the strength of our endurance community is that people recognize when you attempt something epic and when you achieve something epic.

This Fall, the Las Vegas Triathlon Club is going to start an ‘Epic Series’. We want to encourage you to come up with your own epic event – and then put it out there for everyone to see (and to help encourage you!). And when you achieve your epic event, we’ll all be able to celebrate together. What if you don’t achieve it? That’s the risk … and there is a chance we may set our sights too high. No worries … you’ve got a great endurance community to catch you and lift you back up to try again.

Epic … Let’s take control of 2020 and create our own epic events!

Step out of the usual and achieve something extraordinary. 

~John Mercer
Where in the World Has Our TRI Club Raced ?

Check out the map below to see where our athletes have raced!
LVTC Member Spotlight

Get to know our club members as our President sits down with the following members to talk about tris and life.

Click on the names to view the video.

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