Summer Cooling Foods, August Hours, Vegan Matcha Ice Cream, Outdoor Music and More!
August 2017
   *Note on August Hours*

  Please note the first two weeks in August (July 31st-August 14th)  will have the following schedule,
while Rachel is on vacation:

MONDAY, 12-5 Katie
TUESDAY, 2-7 Katie
WEDS, 9-2 Anne-Louise 2-7 Katie
THURS 9-2 Katie  2-7 Anne-Louise
FRIDAY, 9-2 Katie
SATURDAY, 9-2  Anne-Louise

Regular schedule will resume August 15th.
We hope this helps offer more options to take care of your health, while your practitioners also take care of our own! 


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Acupuncture Point of the Month
Large Intestine 11 (LI11)
Katie Oleksak Lic.Ac.

Summer is a time for heat, and according to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), a time for fire. To get ready for August, try some acupressure on one of the best acupuncture points to cool the body.

Dryness and over-heating from the summer months can exacerbate various systems of the body, manifesting in hot, itchy, skin conditions, increased hot flashes, burning or dryness in the digestive tract and pain and inflammation.

Large Intestine 11 (LI 11) is an acupuncture point that is located directly in the elbow crease-- on the radial side of the elbow, which is in line with the base of thumb--and is used in acupuncture as the main point for heat conditions.

LI 11 is an effective point to use any time of year but this summer, keep in mind, if any chronic or acute heat conditions are acting up, or if you just need to cool off in general, this point can be particularly helpful.

Give it a try by gently self-massaging on either or both elbows--often times this point is very tender to touch.

Stay cool this summer! 

Community Corner
Florence Summer on the Porch Series
Summer is a great time for local music!

Enjoy some free outdoor music this month where a
host of local musicians play at  90 Park St. in Florence,
6:30 PM every Thursday through the end of August. 

August 1:   Acoustic Brew
August 8:   Campfire Night with the Bum Steers
August 15: Bad News Jazz & Blues Orchestra
August 22: Heather Maloney
August 29: Lonesome Brothers
Stay cool this summer!

Diet and Traditional Chinese Medicine

Katie Oleksak Lic.Ac.

It's true what they say; 'you are what you eat.' Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) emphasizes diet and food as medicine, along with regular acupuncture treatments, offering very specific guidelines for diet and health. According to TCM theory, cooling foods clear heat and toxins, cool and calm the blood and nourish the bodies yin.

Cooling foods are best suited for those who tend toward constipation, feeling hot, thirsty, anxious, have redness in the eyes/face, headaches, ulcers and cold sores. 

Use food to treat yourself!

Try adding the following to your diet if you tend toward these conditions:

-Apples, bananas, watermelon, pineapple
-Spinach, eggplant, celery, tomato, kelp
-Mung bean, barley, buckwheat
-Crab, seaweed, yogurt (no sugar)
-Green tea (see recipe below!), peppermint tea, sesame oil

Avoid spicy, warming foods such as ginger, garlic, onion, chives, coffee, wine and vinegar, which have a tendency to 'heat' the body, worsening these symptoms.  
Dairy-Free Matcha Green Tea
Iced Dessert
Katie Oleksak Lic.Ac.

What better way to treat your heat symptoms than with a cool summer treat, naturally sweetened and made with one of the TCM recommended foods for cooling down in the summer heat--green tea!

      -2 cans of coconut milk, 13 oz., (chilled at least 2 hours)

      -5 teaspoons Green Tea Matcha Powder (found at your local healthfood store)

      -1 cup almond milk

      -3 tablespoons honey (or maple syrup)


      -Heat and whisk together the honey or maple syrup, almond milk, and matcha powder on high heat for a few minutes (be mindful not to heat too high and boil); turn down to medium heat until matcha powder is dissolved.

      -Add the coconut milk and stir thoroughly on medium heat for a few minutes. Place in the refrigerator for about two hours, or until cool.

      -Blend in an ice cream maker, or blender, store in a freezer-safe container.

      -Please note: this treat gets very hard after it is frozen. You will need to take it out of the freezer 20 minutes or so before you are ready to enjoy it. 

      I added a few scoops to some kefir (making it non-dairy-free, you could also use more coconut or almond milk) and a banana and made a delicious smoothie! Remember, green tea has a little bit of caffeine in it, so do not have it too late in the day if you are sensitive to caffeine, as it may inhibit your sleep or energy.

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