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In this issue:
*Rusticator Picnic News
*Fall Course Registration
*Maine Senior College News
*ASC Caps!
*Office closed dates
*ASC News Features!

Office Closed 

July 29 - August 8
Tuesday August 9


Happy Summer!!

Fall Course Registrations Close July 28!

(There may be space in some classes, with permission. Check the website for filled courses!)
(Did you know we offer easy, confidential scholarships?)

What's been happening at Acadia Senior College?

  Get all the news: 

Rusticator Picnic 
Art Show 
Annual Meeting 
New Board Members ~


At the latest issue of Maine Senior College Network Newsletter: 

Zoom for Online MSCN Communications!

ASC Annual Art Show

MSCN Offers Online Course!

ASC joins Acadia National Park Centennial Celebration

Courses, events, parties... read about our celebration plans for 2016!

ASC Hats!

Where can you get one?

Order from Maine Point, Southwest Harbor, 
Can be picked up there, or shipped. 

Acadia Senior College 
(The view from our window!)

spring mscm


Our office:
Maine Sea Coast Mission
127 West Street
Bar Harbor

Tu-W-Th 8:30-4:30

Our mailing address:
PO Box 175
Hulls Cove, ME 04644

(207) 288-9500

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Did you miss it? What a pity!!

Good Friends...

Good Food...

Good Music!

Big Moose Band...

Bob Gallon with his TUBA!!

(Photos by Ann Caswell)