It’s almost back to school time!

However, it’s still a great time to have some fun and enjoy creative activities with your kids.

Click HERE to find a list of some back to school activities perfect for students of all ages and grade levels. 

There are some students who will not be headed back to school.

Those out-of-school youth (OSY) are the focus of several iSOSY lessons and resources. There are multiple ways you can meet them where they are and help as they set and attain both short-term and long-term goals.

Are your OSY moving this summer? Make sure they have a copy of the "When You Move" document to help the next service provider in their new state!

Check out a few of these resources for OSY:

Speaking of Life Skills Lessons, did you know iSOSY has entire series of financial lessons developed just for migratory students? The Finanza Lessons are a great resource this time of year as August 14th is National Financial Awareness Day. It’s a day to remind people to take investing and saving seriously to build financial stability and prepare for the future. Even OSY can benefit from the foundational ideas of opening a bank account, budgeting, and saving.