Our Valentine’s Loot for Moots Online Auction has officially concluded, and we're thrilled to share the incredible outcome: a whopping $14,630 raised! But that's not all – our Paws Up to Help Donation Campaign garnered an additional $2,080, making this a truly heartwarming success.

A massive thank you to everyone who generously contributed, bid, and spread the word about our auction and ongoing Paws Up To Help Campaign!! Your support is the backbone of our mission, demonstrating that it takes a 'pack' to make a difference. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for being an integral part of the WAMAL family.

These funds are crucial in providing the best possible care for our rescued Mals during their stay with us as they await their forever homes. Did you know that the average stay of a WAMAL pup in rescue spans 5 months, with costs averaging $630 per pup per month? Your contributions directly impact their care, covering everything from upgrading food quality to essential facility repairs and specialized training for pups in need.

And let's not forget about the unforeseen vet costs that inevitably arise – with your support, we have been able to cover our average vet costs of over $1,100 per pup! Every dollar truly makes a difference in ensuring that each furry friend receives the care and attention they deserve on their journey to adoption.
We also want to take a moment to express our sincere gratitude to the individuals and companies who generously supported our Auction. Please check out these graphics featuring their names and logos – let's continue to rally behind these remarkable companies and artists who stand alongside us in our mission to rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome Malamutes in need. Together, let's keep supporting those who support rescue!
As we celebrate the triumph of our latest Loot for Moots auction, I'm both elated and wistful to share a significant update: I'll be stepping down from my role as auction coordinator. This journey has been nothing short of remarkable, and I'm deeply thankful for the unwavering support and enthusiasm that have propelled each event to new heights.

With this transition comes an opportunity for fresh leadership. We're on the lookout for a passionate individual to take on the mantle of OVERALL COORDINATOR and keep the momentum soaring! While we have a stellar team of volunteers poised to contribute their expertise, we need someone ready to oversee the entire process – from procurement to catalog preparation, from publicizing the auction to ensuring seamless item distribution.

To clarify, this coordinating role doesn't necessitate handling every task personally, but overseeing that each task is executed professionally and promptly. The time commitment is flexible, spanning a 3–4-month period encompassing pre-auction preparation, the event itself, and post-auction follow-up, traditionally held in October.

If you're eager to see the Auction continue and are passionate about effecting positive change, we invite you to consider joining us as our new Auction Coordinator! 🎉

Interested candidates can reach out to with "Auction Coordinator" in the subject line. Let's work together to make the Loot for Moots Auction an even more extraordinary success! 💫

--Rickie Anderson, Retiring Auction Coordinator
A few months ago, PETCO asked adopters to share stories about a pet who had changed their life. Petco Love Stories Campaign celebrated the big and small ways pets affect our lives for the better. We’d like to share a story submitted by Rena and her beloved pup Chica. Although not a WAMAL alumnus, this story touches the heart of fostering and especially senior adoption. Thank you for sharing your Love Story with us, Rena!

“As a volunteer at my local shelter for years now, I went in to walk dogs one day with no clue that this sweet, old lady would become our 1st rescue. I walked a 9-year-old Rottie-mix with a ‘foster me’ tag on her kennel and couldn’t get her out of my mind. Since we didn’t have a car, a friend helped us & we fostered her for an initial 2-week commitment.

We brought her back to the shelter after the initial 2 weeks, but she had greater plans in store for us. After a week of absolute heartbreak & misery, we reunited! We then fostered her for a TBD time commitment- almost 5 months. Life happened & we became proud senior “foster fail” parents of Chica... BEST 'mistake' EVER!! She was already 10 when we officially welcomed her into our family.

As much as we wanted to adopt, I had been making excuses as to why we weren’t ready, up until our fostering experience, and she shattered all those! It’s possible without a car and you find ways to make it work.
Also, the year prior to that was pretty bad for me, mentally and emotionally. So, this was a classic case of ‘who rescued who’. She gave me purpose and I didn’t feel like such a failure at life. Seeing her glow-up and transformation from a scruffy old shelter mutt into her stunning, supermodel self was so rewarding!

Her ridiculously stubborn antics taught us so much about unconditional love and patience. Through our walks with her, we spent more time outside (even when we didn’t exactly want to) and got to meet the neighborhood dogs and learn some of the other rescues’ heartwarming stories.
Having to move with her approaching a Rottweiler appearance was a challenging experience, and I remain a committed advocate for all misunderstood breeds, not just Rotties. We moved to a new place not worth the price of rent, but what truly mattered was that she remained with us until her departure with angel wings.

Aside from all she taught us and the memories we share, she gave us the confidence that we were indeed capable furparents and the motivation to continue adopting. I also actively recommend fostering for those who want a pet but are not ready for the lifelong commitment. It’s also thanks to her that we understand the beauty and heartbreak of adopting a senior- which we’ll DEFINITELY do again. Quantity AND quality, in my opinion. I’ve been an adoption advocate for years but now make it a point to encourage senior adoptions in particular, as well as hard-to-place animals--the special needs, black dogs, etc.

She also inspired a children’s senior, special needs rescue story I wrote. I was a preschool teacher and couldn’t find books on the topic. Even if it doesn’t see publication, I’ll eventually share it for what it is.

We still have no car, but our 2nd rescue mutt entered our lives about 8 months after Chica’s passing.”--Rena
Are you an animal lover with a heart as big as the sky? Do you believe in the power of patience and compassion? If so, we need your help!

WAMAL recently welcomed a few incredibly sweet but shy dogs into rescue (you can learn more about these dogs in the Adoptable Dog Showcase at the end of this email). These precious pups have had little to no past social interaction with humans, leaving them fearful and apprehensive around people.

We're seeking volunteers who are willing to spend time at our kennels in the Puyallup, Washington area, offering comfort and companionship to these timid souls. Our shy dog volunteers have the special task of sitting outside the kennels, reading softly to the dogs, or simply speaking in gentle tones to help them acclimate to humans. Your presence alone can make a world of difference in their journey towards trust and confidence.

We provide training sessions tailored to your experience level with large dogs – ranging from 2 to 5 sessions. So, whether you're a seasoned volunteer or a newcomer eager to make a difference, there's a place for you on our team!
If you're ready to open your heart and lend a helping hand to these deserving pups, we invite you to join us in our mission of compassion and kindness. Together, we can make a world of difference – one shy dog at a time.

To sign up or learn more about volunteering with our shy dogs, please contact Please put "shy dog" in the subject line. Let's spread love, comfort, and hope to those who need it most!
🎉 Join Our Pack as a Fundraising Coordinator! 🐾

Are you ready to make tails wag and hearts soar? We're on the hunt for a dynamic individual to join our Malamute Rescue family as a Fundraising Coordinator!

🌟 What You'll Do:
  • Lead the charge in organizing and overseeing a variety of pawsome fundraisers.
  • Get those creative juices flowing by brainstorming and bringing to life exciting new fundraising ideas that will have our supporters howling for more!
  • Serve as the ultimate team player by lending a helping paw to other team leaders, ensuring all fundraisers reach their fullest potential.

🐶 Why You'll Love Us:
  • We're not just a team; we're a family united by our love for Malamutes and our passion for making a difference in their lives.
  • You'll have the opportunity to work alongside some of the most dedicated and compassionate individuals in the rescue community.
  • Every day will bring new adventures, challenges, and heartwarming moments as we work together to give these majestic creatures the second chance they deserve.

🎈 What We're Looking For:
  • A go-getter with a can-do attitude and a large dose of creativity.
  • Someone who thrives in a collaborative environment and isn't afraid to roll up their sleeves and dive right in.
  • A passion for helping animals and a drive to make a positive impact in their lives.
If you are interested, please email with "Fundraising Coordinator" in the subject line.  Thank you!

--Rickie Anderson, retiring Fundraising Coordinator
🎉 Be the Heartbeat of Our Events as the Events Coordinator!

We are looking to find a volunteer coordinator to run Seattle/Tacoma area events and would also love to start holding events in the Portland/Vancouver and Spokane areas so please reach out if you are interested in any of these areas!

Are you a master of multitasking with a passion for bringing people together? We're seeking an Events Coordinator to ensure our events run smoothly and leave tails wagging!

🌟 What You'll Do:
  • Communicate with venues for event coordination
  • Oversee scheduling the incredible volunteers and Ambassadog teams who make it all possible
  • Coordinate logistics of supplies and hardware
  • Collaborate with the social media team to promote events

🐶 Why You'll Love Us:
  • Opportunity to make a real impact and spread the word about WAMAL and our adoptable pups
  • Supportive team environment
  • Each event is a new adventure

🎈 What We're Looking For:
  • Organizational skills with an eye for detail
  • Ability to coordinate multiple moving parts
  • Passion for our cause and working with volunteers
If you’re interested, please email with "Events Coordinator" in the subject line. Let's create unforgettable moments and spread joy together! Be part of something truly special! ✨

--Rickie Anderson, Retiring Events Coordinator
Easter Egg Hunt - March 23 10am-12pm
Easter Egg Hunt anyone?? Harmony Home Team is holding their first Annual Easter Egg Hunt - called "Eggsploration Extravaganza" - at Cross Park, 4420 Military Road East, Tacoma (Spanaway area) and has invited WAMAL to be there too! Our host, Elizabeth Abbgy, found out about WAMAL through a similar event and is now a walker at Malley Valley (MV). She thought with the event being so close to MV it could be a great local event to raise awareness for WAMAL in the community!

So, join us in the big field at Cross Park and bring your friends and family!! There are over 2000 eggs to be found!! Enjoy FREE games, crafts, and selfies with the Easter Bunny! And one lucky winner will win the grand prize Easter basket filled with goodies fit for all ages! 
The egg hunt will start promptly at 10:30AM. Remember to bring your Easter Egg basket!

Malley Valley Work Party - April 13 10am-2pm

🌿🐾 Calling all superheroes of sprucing, champions of cleanliness, and canine enthusiasts!

It's time to roll up those sleeves, grab your cleanup gear, and join us for a day of fun-filled yard, property, and dog chores at MV! 🎉 Whether you're a seasoned MV volunteer or a newcomer ready to dive in, we welcome all willing and able parties to join our mission of making MV shine brighter than ever! 💫

But here's the best part – the more hands we have on deck, the less work there is to go around, and the more we can accomplish together! And hey, if you're not a regular MV volunteer, no worries! You can sign a waiver onsite and jump right into the action! 📝

Join us for a day of laughter, camaraderie, and meaningful work at MV! Let's make memories, make a difference, and make MV the best it can be – together! 🌳🐶

Please email Melissa at to RSVP! Put "Work Party" in the subject line.

WAMAL Volunteer BBQ, Picnic, & Open House - June 8
Join us at Malley Valley for a fun-filled day! 🐶 All WAMAL volunteers, board members, and interested loved ones are invited along with your well behaved and securely leashed personal pups. Stay tuned for more details! 🎉

Poorly Drawn Pets—May, 2024! 

More info coming soon…. get those photos ready!!
Hey there humans - we are two sisters named Dakota and Nicole! We are 6 year old pups that are a rather unusual mix of Malamute and Irish Wolfhound, and as such we are quite striking - although I know we aren't looking our very best just now. We've unfortunately had it kind of rough in life so far, and it shows.

But we are happy to have found WAMAL now! With the help of OHS (Oregon Humane Society) we are both now spayed and UTD on our vaccines. WAMAL has bathed and de-flea'ed us, improved our nutrition, and is arranging much-needed veterinary care for skin and dental concerns. With time and continued TLC we'll be back to our beautiful selves before you know it!

We are a little wary of new people and places at first but if you are patient with us we will warm up easily (especially with good treats), and once we do, we are very loving. We've always been together and we rely on each other. We know it's a big ask, but we would really benefit from a patient foster who could give us both a soft spot to land together, help us learn to trust, and bring us to vet checkups as we work to improve our health. WAMAL will cover all of those veterinary expenses! Oh and did I mention we are housetrained?

I just know that the perfect foster is out there for us. If that's you, please apply to foster us (or even to adopt us) today! And even you can't help personally, please consider spreading the word, or making a donation to help offset the costs of our medical care. It would mean the world to us!
Hello WAMAL community - we'd like to thank you for our snazzy new names (Starsky & Hutch) to go along with our new lease on life! We have recently arrived in Washington as part of a big rescue operation. As you can see we are both absolutely gorgeous dogs, but sadly we haven't had much experience in bonding with humans, or really even how to just be a dog. So we are very shy and need your help to make up for all that lost socialization. You'll be starting at "ground zero" with us. But we are only 2 years old so with time and lots of patience and taking your cues from us, we will come around and may just end up being the best dogs ever (in addition to the handsomest!)

Since we are now at that age where Malamutes tend to get more selective about their canine companions, we are looking to be fostered/adopted separately from each other. It is not yet known how we would do with other canine companions, but if we did live with another dog, a similarly sized, friendly, and confident female might be the best fit.

If you aren't quite up to fostering one of us but are in the Puyallup area, we could also really benefit from just having you come visit and sit outside our kennels, so we can get used to human presence. Contact if you are interested in helping in that context!
WAMAL has seen time and again how resilient dogs can be when provided the time and safety needed to build trust. Can you help us prove that is true for us too? Apply to foster or adopt one of us!!