Tourism-Led Development
Opportunities for Rural America
Rooted in e2’s decades of work throughout North America, we produced our top ten list of Likely Entrepreneurial Development Opportunities specific to rural communities. This month’s feature paper, Tourism-Led Development, Opportunities for Rural America, provides strategies for growing a more competitive, higher value, diverse, and resilient economy around tourism and people attraction. This paper is part of our Strategy Guide Series curated around this top ten list. It joins our guide, Retiree-Led Development, released in July. We plan to roll out more strategy guides in the coming months, many of which will have accompanying Pathways to Rural Prosperity podcast episodes.

All rural communities have visitor attraction development potential. Many rural communities have destination tourism opportunities. Our newest podcast episode explores entrepreneurial opportunities for visitor attraction and how rural communities can diversify their economies through tourism. Additionally, this episode focuses on how to improve tourism to grow stronger ventures and better jobs.

Other e2 News
Creating Capital Access in Rural Communities – Lessons from NetWork Kansas. NetWork Kansas is one of rural America’s most robust and longest-running statewide rural entrepreneurial ecosystem in the USA. Foundational to NetWork Kansas’ success is its ability to attract business capital for increasing capital access in rural communities throughout Kansas. The NetWork Kansas Financial Capital Model is designed to be lean, high- impact and build local capacity to process venture financing both within its Entrepreneurial-Communities Program and other capital access strategies. Download this paper to learn more about the model.
Distributed Teams
In this edition of Pathways to Rural Prosperity podcast, Don Macke interviews author John O’Duinn, an expert on the topic of distributed teams. In the evolving age of remote work, John addresses how we can “work together while physically being apart.” For rural communities, the implications are huge where people can choose to live in nearly any community, including rural America, throughout the USA and the world.
Field News
The Tory Burch Foundation is looking for incredible women entrepreneurs for the 2022 Fellows program. Fellows will receive flexible, virtual workshops, access to a dynamic online founders’ network and a $5,000 education grant. Applications are open now through November 12. Learn more here.

Economic Gardening deliverables.The quickest way for businesses to understand what Economic Gardening can do for them is to listen to the “Sample Deliverables” presentation on the National Center for Economic Gardening website.

The Kansas Community Philanthropy Innovators Network (CPIN) Initiative. CPIN is an innovative initiative working with both urban and rural communities in the sunflower state. With funding from the Kansas Health Foundation and including core partners, NetWork Kansas, LOCUS Impact Investing, e2 Entrepreneurial Ecosystems, Kansas Association of Community Foundations and The Aspen Institute, CPIN focuses on increasing intentional collaboration between community foundation and economic development organizations. First cohort communities include, Norton, Coffeeville, Topeka and Hutchinson. This story and video is from Topeka and its new initiative.

Can Democratization and Concentration Of Startups Both Be True? This article highlights findings from the 2021 Global Startup Ecosystem Report. The rise in business formation during COVID occurred around the world. The report also notes that the startup concentration in certain US markets also dominates the global economic impact of startups globally, posing questions about broadening access to capital and increasing the viability of more startups.

Helping Native Business Owners Thrive: How to Build a Supportive Ecosystem. This article from Nonprofit Quarterly discusses the challenges that are unique to Native American entrepreneurs.