Attention HIE Admins: Action Required

How to audit users: To verify your users, access the HIE Admin tool via the WVHIN portal. Click on the Accounts tab, find the organization for which you are auditing users, navigate to that page, and choose the Audit button in the upper right corner of the screen to start the auditing process.

90-Day User Audit Requirement

WVHIN Portal Admin Users:

You are the designated contact, named by your organization, as an Administrator for the WVHIN Portal. The HIE Admin Tool allows you to manage (add or delete) your WVHIN portal users individually or in bulk, provision appropriate services, audit users every 90 days, and reset passwords or activation links when needed.

This functionality went into effect this past year and is being enforced every 90 days. Please be sure to completed your audits in a timely fashion.

Click here for more HIE Admin Tool resources.

**Please note, if any HIE user is not verified within the 90-day period, their access to HIE tools will be suspended.**

If you need HIE Admin training or a refresher, please contact