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July 24, 2019
Build Relationships!
Plan for Home V isits

Now is a good time to prepare for how you will welcome each family and child at the beginning of the school year. When possible, start your relationship with families on their turf by offering a visit where they live or at a comfortable location in the community. When educators invest upfront in relational home visits, attendance improves, and schools can reap many other positive benefits. Families are more likely to feel that educators care about their children, and educators gain insights into the hopes and dreams that families have for their children.
  • Parent Teacher Home Visits is a proven model that offers training and support to staff and schools planning to adopt a relational home visit approach. Relational home visits can improve student attendance, even with families who don't have a strong relationship to the school. Download a two-page summary about the PTHV approach.
  • Research shows the relational parent-teacher home visits approach can improve not only academic performance and teacher capacity, but also boost attendance. Learn More.

Attendance Works! 

Your gift will help fund more great resources to raise the awareness of the importance of attendance for educational equity and student achievement.
  • Plan to make phone calls to build relationships and remind families of first day of school. Consider sending a back-to-school letter that clarifies attendance expectations and provides tips for helping families get their kids to school each day. Download our sample back-to-school letter.
  • The Campaign for Grade-Level Reading named 32 communities 2018 Pacesetters for their progress in school attendance, readiness, grade-level reading or math proficiency, or summer learning among children from low-income communities. Two were honored for their achievements in improving attendance: Indian River County, FL for its Moonshot Moment Literacy Movement, and Suncoast, FL for its Suncoast Campaign for Grade-Level Reading. Learn more.
New! School and District Year-Long Attendance Planning Tool

Use these calendars as a tool for planning activities and events that will keep a focus on improving attendance all year long. You can build off our sample activities or use our blank calendar to create your own version.  Download the tool.

We Belong in School!

When students' mental, emotional, and physical needs are met, they're more likely to love school, and they learn more, according to a video from Edutopia. In Creating a Positive Learning Environment, teachers and staff connect with students in a way that creates school as a reliable, consistent place where students know what to count on. This consistency and calm allows students to focus on instruction. View the video.

In a new brief, Policy Analysis for California Education (PACE) describes a discussion of local efforts to improve student attendance and steps needed to build the capacity of schools and communities to get kids to school. Discussion participants include Attendance Works' Hedy Chang; University of California, Santa Barbara's Michael A. Gottfried; and Kathy Lee, of the Corona-Norco Unified School District, among others. Find the brief.

Register today! Our next webinar, Open Doors, on August 8 will discuss strategies for creating a healthy school climate for all grade levels. Our guest speakers will share strategies that can shift the relationship between families and school staff, support student social and emotional learning and development, teacher physical and emotional health, and improve the learning environment for everyone in the building.

Save the date! Our final webinar on September 10 will look at how poor attendance can be addressed through improving Conditions for Learning.

The recording link for our two previous webinars, Nurture Dreams: Ensure Students Feel Safe, Supported, Connected and Engaged, and our AAC kickoff webinar, Lay a Foundation: Engage Families to Address Chronic Absence in the Early Years, are on our website!   Find the recording and presentation slides here.
Spread the Word!

Sample Tweets

Imagine a place where you can't wait to go every day, where you feel safe, connected, supported and excited about learning. What does it take for schools in your community to be like this? Find out in our Aug. 8 webinar! @unitedway #SchoolEveryDay

Registration is open @attendanceworks @unitedway next webinar! Join in August 8 for Open Doors. Hear strategies to create a healthy #schoolclimate that promote strong attendance for all grade levels & for everyone in the school building: #SchoolEveryDay

@attendanceworks online Teaching Attendance Curriculum can equip teachers & staff with an understanding of #chronicabsence & provides the guidance & resources they need to improve #attendance K-12. Start learning today! #SchoolEveryDay
Partner Spotlight

The Campaign for Grade-Level Reading (CGLR) seeks to disrupt generational poverty by mobilizing communities to promote early school success for those children currently on the high-risk side of the achievement gap. To date, CGLR's efforts have helped to spark a "grassroots to governors" movement for ensuring early school success, advancing grade-level reading and reducing chronic absence as important policy priorities.

CGLR's webinar series, Science Matters: The March 12, 2019 webinar,
Early Relational Health: An Essential Foundation for Early School Success, discussed the science, principles, and examples of prevention and early intervention programs on early relational health. The webinar recording is available, along with the presentation slides and Q & A chat. Scroll down to the March 12, 2019 webinar on the CGLR website.
New Partners!

This week we welcome our new AAC State Partner:   Michigan Elementary and Middle School Principals Association

Attendance in the News

Healing begins with a backpack, The Union Democrat, July 18, 2019

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