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July/August 2023

Hello Alys,

After some restful time to reflect and recharge, Athens Reparations Action is back, and gearing up for our last year of fundraising for Reparations for Linnentown. We're moving steadily toward our goal of $110,000 by June 2024, with about $35,000 raised and another $15,000 in pledges. Our monthly Reparations Conversations are drawing a greater number and diversity of folks.

Ready to donate? Visit our website today. And we'd love to see you at our next gathering.

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Look out for Linnentown Lane!

Athens Mayor Kelly Girtz presented Hattie Thomas Whitehead (photo at right) with the Mayor and Commission Community Spotlight Award August 2 for the tireless work she has done to shine a spotlight on the destruction of Linnentown. The mayor applauded her efforts that have brought local as well as national attention to this injustice, including her award-winning book Giving Voice to Linnentown and a recent story and photo in the New York Times.

Later in the meeting, the commissioners voted unanimously to rename a portion of South Finley Street, the portion running through the dorm area that once was a thriving, close-knit neighborhood, Linnentown Lane. The change should occur fairly soon, and a ceremony is in the works – stay tuned! Commissioner Melissa Link argued passionately that “Linnentown has already been erased once. We cannot let it be erased again.”

A word from our donors

I contributed to Athens Reparations Action (ARA) because it was important for me to take responsibility for the actions of my ancestors and make a meaningful contribution towards repairing the harm caused by the persistent cycles of racism, hate, and greed throughout history. As a member of a family that has been rooted in Athens for at least four generations, I am aware that my ancestors benefited from and perpetuated these unjust systems. However, I strongly believe that we can make a positive impact and shift the course of history towards a more equitable future by breaking the cycle of systemic injustice and making amends for those who have been historically wronged. As part of a NEW generation, I am proud to stand alongside those committed to creating a just and equitable society for everyone.

Next Reparations Conversations - August 23

Join our next Reparations Conversations gathering August 23 at Athentic Brewing Company. After that, we'll be meeting on Sept 20, Nov 15 and Dec 13, always 7-9pm.

You never know whom you might meet at our gatherings - could be a local government official, students, people from all faith communities, and often Linnentown descendants. Come see us, and bring a friend!

Get your ARA Swag!

Donate to ARA and get one of these adorable t-shirts! No donation is too large! All the proceeds go toward Linnentown first descendants. Get yours at one of our events, send a text to 202-262-2833 or email us at

Coming soon: #UGA4Reparations

We are gearing up for a social media campaign throughout October focused on Reparations for Linnentown. We will be asking folks to post on their favorite social media platforms throughout the month of October. Whether you've got a direct connection with UGA or not, we'd love to see you write about your experience and help us motivate folks to donate to ARA. We'll be sending around a social media toolkit with suggested materials and text for posts. If you're savvy with social media and feel called to help out, let us know.

Linnentown Memories

We spoke recently with Jerome Smith, who lived at 170 Lyndon Row with his parents Joseph and Marie. He shared:

Growing up in Linnentown, we had some adventures. We used to climb up on the roof of Union Baptist church to see the Five Blind Boys of Alabama. We’d watch through the window of the roof. I remember when it snowed, sliding down the hill to Legion Field on a big sheet of tin when we could find one. We went to see Silas Green from New Orleans, an African American owned and run variety show that toured the south (1904-1957). We had to watch from a distance – the vaudeville show was not really for children!

We were one of the last to leave [Linnentown]. I was in 8th or 9th grade, and I was really lonely. I had nightmares about returning to the house and it was all dilapidated. My parents had an account at the bank. They sent me there to get their money. When I got there, the person at the bank said our account had been closed. All the money was gone.

Learn more!

We continue to be privileged to visit first descendants in their homes, share meals with them, learn more about Linnentown and the experience of displacement under Urban Renewal, listen to their advice, and together refine our mission and vision. We center these relationships in all that we do.

Watch the Linnentown Documentary
Read More about Linnentown

Get involved with Reparations for Linnentown!

We need volunteers to help with:

-  Organizing Linnentown Documentary screenings around town. Do you have a group at your place of worship, school, business, or other organization that would be interested? Reach out and we'll help you make it happen.

-  Speaking to groups about the moral imperative to repair harm through reparations. Do you have a faith community that aligns with our vision? Are you part of a neighborhood, student or business group that might be interested in taking action together? We'd love to meet y'all and be in conversation.

-  Mobilizing pledges and donations. Can you talk to 5-10 friends or colleagues who might be able to donate now, or pledge to donate by June 2024?

Contact us to start volunteering with ARA today.

Athens Reparations Action

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