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February 2023

Hello Alys,

It's been a busy month for ARA. We raised another $12,000 this month, putting us at over $60,000 in donations and pledges toward our goal of $110,000 by June 2024.  We'd love to double or triple this goal if you can help us identify some larger contributions. Every cent we raise will go to living first descendants of Linnentown.

We are thrilled to announce that Oconee Street United Methodist Church decided to commit 10% of its annual budget to Housing Justice, a portion of which will go toward reparations through ARA. The church will start with 1% this year, and build up to 10% over the next four years.

Are you part of a faith community that might follow this example? Invite us to have a conversation with your missions committee or leadership team, or bring us to Sunday school!

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Save the date, APRIL 14

Join us at our April 14 Percentage Night at Athentic Brewing Company. We'll have music featuring the Athens Mountain Singers, tacos from Homy's Kitchen and of course all the beverages you could ever want. We'll kick off at 5pm, with music starting after 7pm. Ten percent of every Athentic purchase will go toward reparations for Linnentown first descendants. See you there!

Athens Mountain Singers

A word from our donors

"When I pay my property tax, I have a heightened awareness of the privilege of owning my home. I can’t imagine the government taking it away from me and forcing me to move. This year I’ve pledged to pay reparations that are equal to my property tax, to first descendants of Black homeowners from Linnentown through ARA.”

Join our monthly Reparations Conversations

Our next Reparations Conversation at Athentic Brewing Company will be Mar. 15, 7-9pm.

Our February Reparations Conversations gathering drew dozens of folks from all over Athens. We have shared the personal stories that brought us to the work of reparations, and dreamed together about how to spread the message that reparations can benefit everyone in Athens, even (especially?) those who aren't even born yet.

ARA in the Community

ARA was proud to co-sponsor with Athens Anti-Discrimination Movement (AADM) a workshop series on the 1619 Project, Feb 25 and 26, at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Athens. We viewed portions of the docuseries and discussed what it means for building a more just and equitable Athens. If you haven't seen it yet, check it out on Hulu here.

Reparations in the news

Our neighbors in Fulton County have established a Reparations Task Force to study the legacy of slavery and land theft, and make recommendations. Read about their journey here.

Relationships with Linnentown

We have been privileged to visit first descendants in their homes, share meals with them, learn more about Linnentown and the experience of displacement under Urban Renewal, and explain our mission and vision. We will continue to center these relationships in all that we do.

Watch the Linnentown Documentary
Read More about Linnentown

Get involved!

We need volunteers to help with:

-  Organizing more documentary screenings around town. Do you have a group at your church, school, business, or other organization that would be interested? Reach out and let us know.

-  Speaking to historically white communities of faith about the moral imperative to repair harm through reparations. Do you have a faith community that aligns with our vision? We'd love to meet y'all.

-  Mobilizing pledges and donations. Can you talk to 5-10 friends or colleagues who might be able to donate now, or pledge to donate by June 2024?

Contact us to start volunteering with ARA today.

Athens Reparations Action

243 Sunset Drive

Athens GA 30606

(202) 262 2833

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