May 16, 2023

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A Special Message from the Executive Director

Kim Bimestefer

Community Partners:

The federal public health emergency (PHE) for COVID-19 has stretched and challenged all of us, and transformed our health care system in ways that were unimaginable pre-pandemic. I want to sincerely thank you for your partnership to support and care for our members over the last three years. Health First Colorado (Colorado’s Medicaid program) and Child Health Plan Plus have grown by more than 500,000 members since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic (from 1.25 million in March of 2020 to 1.78 million in March 2023), reflecting the struggles felt by families and businesses across the state caused by COVID-19. 

Together, we have been there through this chapter for Coloradans with disabilities, those in between jobs, pregnant persons and more than half-a-million of Colorado’s children. You helped encourage our members to mask-up, expanded testing, disseminated important public health messages, got Coloradans vaccinated, figured out telehealth, helped us stand up alternate care sites as the system was pushed to capacity, evolved critical safety precautions and implemented new protocols to protect the most vulnerable and all Coloradans – all without a playbook. 

We know that during this time, many of your staff experienced incredible personal challenges, heartache and loss while still coming to work each day to be there for Coloradans. Thank you for stepping up again and again during this unprecedented chapter to go above and beyond to support and care for our members and the communities you serve. We sincerely appreciate you and the contributions that you have made. 

With the end of the federal COVID-19 PHE, we are transitioning back to normal operations while escalating our collaborative, united focus to Keep Coloradans Covered through this time of coverage transition. Thank you for your partnership through our 14-month March 2023 to April 2024 eligibility renewal period to ensure that those who qualify for Health First Colorado and CHP+ remain covered and those no longer eligible are connected to affordable, alternative coverage such as Medicare, employer-sponsored health insurance, or Connect for Health Colorado individual coverage. Please continue to visit to stay updated on emerging information, tools and messaging. 

This special edition of our COVID-19 newsletter outlines policy changes we made under the PHE’s temporary federal flexibilities. Some of these emergency flexibilities granted were never needed, thankfully; other policy changes we have made permanent, while others will need to be rolled back in accordance with federally mandated timeframes. The policy changes outlined in the link below will be communicated through the Department’s regular member, provider, partner and stakeholder communication channels as well. 

Thank you again for your partnership. We sincerely appreciate you. 

Kim Bimestefer

Breaking News

COVID-19 Public Health Emergency Update:

The COVID-19 public health emergency ended May 11, 2023. Learn more about flexibilites that have been made permanent and those that are changing.

Overview of COVID-19 Emergency Federal Flexibilities Colorado Medicaid

HCPF will be communicating changes to impacted providers, case managers, stakeholders and members through our member communications, provider bulletins, billing manuals, operational and policy memos, websites and other stakeholder communications as timelines are finalized. Some provisions could still change as additional federal guidance is received.

Resources and How to Stay Informed:

The PHE Planning Resource Center will be updated as new information about the end of COVID-19 public health emergency and other COVID-19 policy evolves. To stay informed about the latest updates, sign up for the COVID-19 public health emergency updates monthly newsletter

In addition to the policy changes connected to the end of the public health emergency, HCPF has developed extensive partner toolkits regarding the end of the continuous coverage requirement. Update Your Address, Understanding the Renewal Process and Take Action on Your Renewal toolkits all include resources to help members take action to keep their coverage. A new joint webpage includes partner resources and information for those who may need to transition to other coverage.

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In March 2023, there were

1,713,718 Coloradans enrolled in Health First Colorado and

47,637 enrolled in Child Health Plan Plus (CHP+).