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Right now, two local businesses could use your support in Rhode Island Monthly's annual “Best of Rhode Island” contest. Both Grey Sail Brewing and Tally's Religious Gifts are family-owned and operated success stories who go above and beyond for their customers, employees and the community.

Click the image of each business below to vote for both – Grey Sail as “Best Local Brewery/Brew Pub” statewide and Tally’s as “Best Gift Store” in the West Bay.
Please help us support these two Rhode Island institutions by voting for them in the Best of Rhode Island contest. The deadline is this Sunday, April 30.
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Is your Organization Ready for the Next Crisis?

David Preston weighs in on the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank Collapse in the Boston Globe

New Harbor founder and President David Preston viewed the bank failure in California through the lens of the R.I. credit union crisis in a piece in the Boston Globe recently. A strategic advisor to Gov. Bruce Sundlun during the 1991 banking collapse in Rhode Island, Preston highlighted the importance of transparency, a nimble social media strategy and customer trust in today’s world of instant communication.

“SVB was reasonably sound, and certainly on more solid ground than the troubled Rhode Island credit unions of 1990. SVB’s “problem” can be boiled down to two factors. First, they were careless about trading out low-earning assets for higher-earning ones. Secondly, and perhaps more important, their communication about the transactions was easily misconstrued by people who lacked the ability to cut through the banking jargon SVB served up to their customers. It wasn’t long before today’s instant communication platforms were filling the vacuum left by SVB’s inadequate communications – and in 2023, that only took minutes.

Last Friday’s events are only a preview of a new, dangerous moment for a banking system built on trust. To avoid becoming the next “defunct” bank, institutions should move quickly to inform their customers, and be prepared to use social media effectively when a crisis hits.”

The dangers posed by social media and instant communications are not limited to banks, however. Organizations must prepare to meet unforeseen challenges, so when a crisis hits they’re ready to effectively respond – and save their business. Read the full article here.
Grey Sail Announces Their Summer Lineup of Craft Beer – And It’s “Biggah than Evah”!

Kicking off the season with new releases and a supersized Captain’s Daughter

Grey Sail Brewing of Rhode Island kicked off the Summer of ‘23 with the release of Adrift, a laid-back IPA brimming with citrus and piney notes and tamed by a touch of caramel sweetness.
In even bigger news, fan favorite Captain’s Daughter is now bigger than ever in a 19.2 oz can. (Right, *almost* actual size…) 
“Our summer lineup has something for everyone,” said Grey Sail founder Alan Brinton. “Whether you’re looking for a crisp and light beer for a beach day or a new IPA for your next cookout, we’ve got you covered.”
Additional new offerings coming soon include Hazy Day, a Belgian Wit and a Peach Mango Sour.

Rhode Island Monthly:

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Gov. Dan McKee Tours Major Upgrades on Pier 1 at Quonset’s Port of Davisville

Renovations to a WWII-era pier supports the port as a leader in auto imports and expanded capacity for offshore wind
Quonset Managing Director Steven King hosted R.I. Governor Dan McKee and General Treasurer James A. Diossa (left) on a tour of infrastructure upgrades at the port’s Pier 1 recently. $60 million of American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds were invested in the Port of Davisville by Gov. McKee and the R.I. General Assembly last year, furthering its evolution as a key hub for the North Atlantic offshore wind industry.

“Ongoing infrastructure upgrades as part of the Port master plan will position Davisville to continue as one of the top auto importers in North America, while expanding capabilities for offshore wind,” said Gov. McKee while visiting the pier.

Revitalizing Pier 1 includes replacing thousands of wooden pilings which have been supporting the pier for over 80 years with new concrete and steel pilings. The project is a crucial part of Quonset’s $234.5 million Port of Davisville Master Plan which will position Davisville to continue as one of the Top Ten auto importers in North America, while expanding its capacity to support offshore wind.


Rhode Island Current:

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Crossroads Previews 371 Pine Street
Permanent Supportive Housing Initiative

Crossroads hosts neighbors, local partners and leaders at an open house
Crossroads of Rhode Island, the states leading provider of housing and homeless services, welcomed their neighbors to an open house to update them on plans for a residential development at 371 Pine Street in Providence earlier this month. The development will create much needed affordable housing for Rhode Island.

Crossroads has submitted final development plans to the Providence City Planning Commission for review and are eager to move ahead toward construction.

371 Pine Street will be a first-of-its-kind development of 35 permanent supportive apartments for medically vulnerable adults experiencing homelessness.

For more details and a virtual tour, visit