June 2021
2021 CIM Auction at World of Concrete
We Need Your Help!
The Concrete Industry Management (CIM) program has been able to continue its outstanding work thanks, in major part, to its annual fundraising auction at World of Concrete. These funds support the current CIM programs, allow for expansion to other universities and fund scholarships—all of which benefit the entire concrete industry. The National Steering Committee of the CIM program appreciates your support of our annual Auction. 
Our Auction Committee has done a tremendous job securing items for the 2021 CIM Auction! We've been able to secure a concrete mixer truck thanks to Mack and McNeilus. However, to reach our goals, we need the help of our supporting associations, universities and Patrons Groups to promote the Auction. We are requesting that all your members attend the live and silent auctions, or participate through online bidding.
Spread the Word
  • Follow CIM on Facebook and Twitter and like, share and retweet using #2021CIMAuction. Add images that you can download from CIM’s website.
  • Share the CIM Auction details on your website and link to the CIM auction page.
  • Post information about the auction on your LinkedIn group.
  • Promote the auction at your association events and meetings.
  • Send an email blast to your members, linking to CIM's auction page.
  • Ask your members to promote the Auction to their industry contacts.
  • Include information about the Auction in your next enews.
  • Send out a press release (contact Brian Gallagher if you need a copy).
  • Inform your staff, committees and Board about the CIM Auction.
These are just a few of the many ideas that you can use to help us promote the CIM Auction. If you need any material, press releases or other information to send to your members, please contact Brian Gallagher.

The future of the concrete industry is in our hands. The support from so many of you in the past has helped make the auction a huge success. For CIM to continue its great work, we need your continued support. You can help by participating in both the live and silent events on June 9, 2021 and by spreading the word. Together, we can champion a great cause and make this the best auction ever! 

Can we count on you?
Social Media Sharing
Social media, especially, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, are powerful tools to share information. We have developed a few press releases and videos about the Auction and have posted them to the CIM website.

We encourage you to copy and paste these links below and share via your social media accounts.

The concrete industry is very broad and there are many LinkedIn groups. While we are sharing as much information as possible, please feel free to post a link if it has not already been shared in your group.

We also have various logos, images and graphics you can download and share via your favorite social media channels.

Remember to use the hashtag #2021CIMAuction!