Assignment: develop a plan to educate parents of charter school students that the district choice is the best choice
Of the 400 charter schools in Ohio, about one out of sixteen perform as well as or better than the average of public school districts. A very high percentage of charters register a dismal performance rating. Additionally, 210 charters have opened and closed at the high cost of education abuse and loss to taxpayers.
Local boards, administrators and other school personnel have the fiduciary responsibility to ensure that all resident students are afforded the most appropriate educational opportunities possible. The state hamstrings this responsibility by sanctioning an unconstitutional school funding system, and safeguarding a severely flawed charter school industry.
However, in spite of the cards stacked against school districts, the personnel in some districts are making serious attempts to re-enroll students from charters. Slick advertising has duped some parents into enrolling their students in inferior education environments.
All districts need to develop a comprehensive plan to attract students back from charters. HB 2 will not correct the failing charter industry. It is beyond repair; hence, districts should recover as many students as possible.
Put a plan in place.

William Phillis
Ohio E & A
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