Happenings at Ascension!

March 30, 2024


Please Remember:

Post Service Coffee on Easter Sunday

Easter is one our biggest days of Celebration! Rather than require one team to handle such a large task, we ask for a little bit from everyone. The tables will be set up outside, under the bell and the children will be hunting eggs. Please drop off your contribution of a meat/cheese tray, fruit/veggie tray, crackers, cookies, or other fun snacks.  

Thank you!!

Thank you Dana Sutton and all of our altar guild members! Your dedication is not readily seen as you tirelessly work behind the scenes, every Sunday and non stop through Holy Week. Thank you so very much for all your work setting up the altar for each service: changing the hangings, setting up communion, marking the various texts, and the many other tasks that are required in worship. Holy Week is especially busy as they make Palm Crosses, set up the foot washing, strip the altar, and prepare the sanctuary for the Easter celebration with the lilies, the pew torches, etc., in addition to the “usual” set up. We cannot thank you enough for your dedication to ministry!!

Thank you!!

Thank you to all who donated Easter lilies and flowers. The church looks beautiful and your support made it possible.

Thank you to all for who donated Easter Brass Ensemble. They are a wonderful addition to the Easter service.

Thank you Ascension Choir, 

Easter Brass Musicians,

and Thank you, Alice Serralta.

Flowering of the Cross

One of Ascension’s unique traditions is the flowering of the cross on Easter Sunday. We set up an empty, ribbon woven cross, and as people enter they press a flower into the woven ribbons creating a beautiful tapestry of flowers. The tradition started with parishioners bringing flowers from their own gardens, of all colors, shapes and sizes. Ascension provides a few flowers, but we would love for you to bring flowers from your garden to contribute to this wonderful occasion. 

The Easter Cross Witness

The Easter Cross Witness seeks to be a catalyst for all of the branches of the church to come together in unity to jointly testify to the single most important event in history; the bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ. The Easter Cross Witness believes that celebrating this event together with joy gives those who participate the opportunity to share with others the hope that is within them. Specifically, since Jesus has been raised from the dead, those who put their trust in Him by faith through grace for the forgiveness of their sins will not die but will be given life eternal. The Easter Cross Witness believes that this is something to celebrate.

The crosses are placed blank side out before Easter and are turned on Easter Sunday to display the message that “He is Risen!” The crosses are available at church for sale if anyone wants one. Carol Goulet has them available for a $10.00 donation to Ascension. Call Carol at 713-303-3943 if your interested and she will arrange for you to pick them up.

Help us out!

 Events like this are only successful because of the amazing people at Ascension!! Please sign-up up to help. There are many different tasks, something for everyone. Whether you are an early bird or more of a late morning riser, there are ways to help. We are truly blessed to have so many wonderful souls here! 

Volunteer Here

We are also accepting donations to help underwrite the BBQ sale, you can contribute towards the Pork, Brisket, Sides, and Condiments.

Donate to Help Underwrite the BBQ Sale

 We are truly blessed to have

 so many wonderful souls here! 

Christian Formation

Women's Tuesday Bible Study, 1pm

 The Women's Tuesday Bible Study is a group of amazing women, led by amazing women. Join these ladies every Tuesday at 1pm! Toyin Agboola guides this Bible Study in a safe trustworthy setting as they learn about the Bible. Julie Collins keeps things organized on the administration side, sending out emails, reminders, and the weekly Zoom link. You can contact her at collins_collins@comcast.net and she will happily get you into the swing of things, or just come by!! 

Tuesday Night Bible Study

 We are studying the Book of Acts every Tuesday at 6:30pm in the Church Library, and for those who are unable to join us in person, use the zoom link:

Zoom Link for Tuesday Night Bible Study , which can be used for ALL of the Tuesday Night Bible Study Classes. The two books needed for this class “Acts for Everyone Study Guide” by N.T. Wright and “Acts for Everyone, Part One” by N. T. Wright are available on Amazon (links below). 

 I hope you join us and do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. -God's Peace, Fr. Mark+


Sunday School for All Ages

Sunday School resumes. Both Children's Sunday School with Miss Allison Garcia in the upstairs Sunday School room and Adult Christian Education, downstairs in the church library, are back after the holiday break. The Adult Class will continue to have an online option for those who are unable to be present in person.  

Calendar and Event Schedule

  • March 31 - Easter Sunday 
  • April 6 - Lunch with Friends (Mission of Yahweh)
  • April 20 - 2nd Annual Yard Sale

On-Going Ministry

mission of yahweh.jpg

Lunch with Friends

Thank you very much to the men and women who have cook for the residents of the Mission. They appreciate you and we appreciate you. There is always room for more members to join this ministry. They meet the first Saturday of every month at the Mission of Yahweh and are organized by Michelle Feagin. Please contact her for more information and to answer your questions.


Fill the Box

Don’t forget to your non perishable donations for WHAM. Let’s fill the box!  Crackers and cheese, fruit cups, canned meat, and canned ravioli are very helpful items. Canned soup and veggies, PB&J, and rice and beans are always needed staples.


WHAM Recycling Center

The recycling station in the Parish Hall accepts paper and plastic bags, egg cartons, condiments, and individually wrapped plastic ware. These items are donated to WHAM and are an excellent way to keep usable items out of landfills. However, we cannot accept newspapers, aluminum cans or plastic bottles, please do not leave these items to be thrown away. You are encouraged to find other ways to recycle these items.


Give the Gift of Sight

All year long, we collect eyeglasses, cases, sunglasses, frames, and lenses -- all things related to vision for donation. In late January/early February, Constance O’Brien delivers this year long assembly of eyewear to the Lion's Club in honor of National Eye Month. These glasses are then repaired and distributed in the US and around the world to those in need. The collection box is located near the WHAM food donation bin.

Please visit the following sites to stay up to date on the activities and on-goings of the ministries we support as they continue their vital missions to help those in need.

WHAM - whamministries.org

Mission of Yahweh - missionofyahweh.org


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