Happenings at Ascension!

July 7, 2024


Episcopal Confirmation Classes for Adults

Bishop Doyle will be visiting us on Sunday, August 18th and he will preside over the service of Confirmation for all adults who wish to be confirmed as an Episcopalian. For those interested, we will be scheduling two Saturdays of classes. In order to be confirmed, you must attend these classes. Please let Fr. Mark know you are interested.  

Summer Breaks:

  • July 9th - Tuesday Evening Bible Study Resumes
  • July 14th - Children’s Sunday School Summer Activity (Outdoor Games)
  • August 7th - Wednesday Night Choir Rehearsal Resumes
  • August 18th - Adult Sunday School will resume

Summer Choir

Summer Choir is in session; there is no Wednesday evening rehearsals and no robing, just show up Sunday morning at 9:30 to learn an easy unison or two part anthem! 

Christian Formation

Women's Tuesday Bible Study, 1pm

 The Women's Tuesday Bible Study is a group of amazing women, led by amazing women. Join these ladies every Tuesday at 1pm! Toyin Agboola guides this Bible Study in a safe trustworthy setting as they learn about the Bible. Julie Collins keeps things organized on the administration side, sending out emails, reminders, and the weekly Zoom link. You can contact her at collins_collins@comcast.net and she will happily get you into the swing of things, or just come by!! 

On-Going Ministry

mission of yahweh.jpg

Learn more about our on-going ministry

and how you can help!!

Please visit the following sites to stay up to date on the activities

and on-goings of the ministries we support as they continue their vital missions to help those in need.

WHAM - whamministries.org

Mission of Yahweh - missionofyahweh.org


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