Jeffrey: Learning does not stop in summer... Find out how we are spending it and enjoy the latest news about new curriculum products and more below!

Shift into a learning gear with STEM Bike! Take a ride this June with new and engaging third through eighth-grade STEM curriculum. Download a free sample lesson today and let your students find their bearings!

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Make this year's NBA Finals a slam dunk by learning how STEM plays a major role in basketball! Do not pass on a great opportunity to double up STEM with Basketball. Learn about STEM careers in the NBA here.

How do you engage your children in STEM topics over summer? While still allowing them to have the “fun” break from school that they look forward to?

We have compiled a list of fun STEM summer ideas and activities to keep your kids progressing in their STEM education throughout the summer!

Summer Enrichment Ideas & Activities

Make sure to learn the benefits of summer enrichment programs here and how to kickstart your homeschooling journey here with the All-Star Kit.

Take a look at where STEM Sports is headed this June!

6/16 - 6/18: The Be Kind People Project Event

in Phoenix, AZ

6/18 - 6/21: National Charter Schools Conference

in Austin, TX

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  • Read to learn how to measure student growth in innovative ways

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